Sunday, July 05, 2009

Slacked-at-home Sunday

Yeah, its a slacked-at-home Sunday.
Weather is very nice cos its rainy day.
Its rains then stopped for awhile then it rains again.
Its good to hibernate during this weather. HAHA!

Haiyo but mum is not cooking dinner today.
So i've to settle it myself.
I wanna go Pasar Malam at Northpont there to get Ramily Burger. Hehe..
But the rain just dont seems to stop.
Which makes me abit lazy to go out lea.. -_-"
It would be good if bro were to go Pasar Malam..
But he offers to buy food for me from market. :(

Finally finish watching Marry Me!
I wouldnt say its a fantasic show because it is way tooooo draggy..
But some parts make me feel so emo~ :(
And the couple are just too sweet but very sad at the ending part. Hais.
But i really love the songs from the show. =D

萧贺硕 - 我爱你

陈文华 - 那一年

And the last from 方大同 - 每天每天 which i cant find it on youtube. =(

Haha.. kk lah..
Till here.
I am feeling so hungry right now.
Time to get my butt off to buy dinner~

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