Monday, July 27, 2009

Meet up and Exploring Orchard 2

Last meet up was during May for Huisan's bday~

Met up with Lixian first at 7pm.
Both of us went exploring ION.
Haha, my 2nd time there.
Huisan came to find us 1hr later.

Couldnt make up our mind where to eat.
Finally settled down at a Japanese food store at B3, if i am not wrong.
Chatted were mostly about our trip.
Huisan went BKK around the time i went Taiwan.
Ahh, make me wanna go BKK too.
I am thinking to go for a trip during Oct - Dec.
Should i go BKK? Hehehehe~
Jio my pig. =X

After our dinner, we went to Taka as Lixian wanna get her Yogurt.
She got pissed off with the auntie sial.
My first time seeing her like tat.
Abit scary~ -__-"

Then we headed down to Orchard Central.
Haax, this time we walked from B1 to Lvl 10.
Nothing much lea..
The place quite small even though there were most levels..

After that, we parted and back home at 10.30pm.
Passed xian her advance bday present.
Hope she likes it. ^-^

I finished watching 败犬女王 le.
1 week MC chiong that drama..
The show is quite nice and romantic.
Some part touch my heart. =p
I kinda like the attitude of the female lead.
Her that 女强人 attitude. HAHA~

Wah sian liao..
Tml go back work le.
Gonna have quite a lot of things to clear.
Shari ah, tell other people i kanna quarantine.
Very nice of her~
Hope people wont siam me. Z!

K lah, i am going lalaland.
Nites all~ =)

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