Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blah blah blah...

Left 1 more working day, ENDURE!!

Its not that i have anything special on that day.
Just that i needa rest, need to do errands.
I really cannot tahan the sound of my laptop.
Became moodless to use computer this week loh..
Guess I am sleeping super early today @ 2230.


A few days back i bought 3 packs of pocky and stock it in my office.
But strawberry pocky just make my day in office. :D
Surprisingly, i am a chocolate lover, but i dont like chocolate pocky! Haha..

The roses are drying up.
And out of boredom, i made this. Teehee~

At least i feel its lovely now.
Hmm.. withered rose just reminds me something~ ~

Sheau wei on MC for today and tomorrow.
I really feel sympathetic for her.
Working on 2 job scope but getting paid for 1.
Damn company is bullying her~ ;(

This month, i didnt OT at all sial..
No extra income le.
Lazy to OT plus not much work to do lea. LOL!

AND guess what, boyfriend say next week he only work one day.
I am so jealous loh.
My company closing on Aug, i still have to go back work because i have not enough leave.

I am going to tone my stomach!!!
I wanna get a naval piercing. :p
Tempted. Hehe~

Something just feel unright.
Is it me or what? GRRRRR~

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