Saturday, February 04, 2017

Wedding: Gown Fitting for Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

I am going write on what was my experience for Pre-wedding photography.

First and foremost, G and I bought the package at BOWS November last year.
I was quite reluctant that time because he didn't even proposed yet.
Initially, we just wanted to look around but was then "kena psycho" by the cheap package that was offered by French Wedding.
For your info, French Wedding was the first merchant that we stepped into.
We didn't even get to see the other merchants, but we ended up signing up for their package.
I guessed we were easily convinced back then.

From the period of signing up in November last year till my appointment with them on the gown selection, I was actually worried, and also felt that we bought the package impulsively.
I feel that we should check out those shops in JB, because it is cheaper.
Moreover, their shooting location is not Singapore.
I kept telling G that I don't want to shoot at location whereby people knows its Singapore. LOL!

What worries me was that when I want to do research online on French Wedding, there isn't much info on their studio, gowns, etc.
Not only that, I even saw bad review on them that was dated years ago.
The only plus point is that the package SEEMS cheaper than the other merchants that offered in Singapore.

Anyway, since there isn't much review on French Wedding, so I gonna write my part here.
However, different people will have different encounter with them, so this is based on my experience with French Wedding.

I had my first gown selection and fitting on 24 September 2016 for Pre-wedding photoshoot.
Joanne was my main coordinator.
And there's another lady called Lily who helped me with the gown fitting.
She is a nice and helpful lady and we clicked really well.
They have a wide range of gown selection and I really enjoy the process though it was tiring (Mentally and Physically).
Many gowns that I wore was really beautiful but I can only limit to 5 gowns. :(
Here are some gowns that I tried and I am not telling you which one that I choose.
Will release all after I am married. LOL!

Actually, I really enjoy trying different gowns because I feel like a princess or barbie doll. Haha..
It is really unusual of me to use "princess" this word because I am not that girly girl who will appreciate princess stuff.
Anyway, I just love seeing myself wearing different gowns. Haha..

I think we took about 5hrs to select all the 5 gowns and suits for G.
Really a dilemma to choose the gowns.
Anyway, it was over.
Gown fitting went really well.

I will be back to tell you about my Pre-wedding photoshoot experience in another posts.
Till then..


Jaslyn Aixing said...

Hi dear, chanced upon your blog while researching for my wedding.

Firstly, congratulations on ur engagement! You look pretty in those gowns!

I also chose Novotel as my banquet venue and was psycho-ed by French Wedding to sign during the show by Jasmine.

I'll be going down for my fitting in Feb/March and had the same concerns as you due to the mixed reviews online.

Thanks for posting ur reviews online as it really helps! :)

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