Saturday, December 31, 2022

Goodbye 2022

When this post is up, my family and I are preparing to board the airplane to Taiwan.
This is the first flight for us after the world opens up for travelling.
The first flight on the last day of 2022.

2022 has been pretty good even though the first half of the year, the world still hasn't open up.
But the 2nd half of the year, I get to spend time we family.
Had dinner celebration at a restaurant with my family and also a trip to Desaru, Staycation at JB and Hard Rock Cafe.

Skyler is 2 years old and how time flies~
This boy now walks, runs, and want to explore by himself.
He started going child care on 1 September and slowly getting used.
But gonna restart again next year Jan as he has missed out going to school for 3 weeks. Haha..
He is quite an easy boy when he doesn't have temper. Haha..
Anyway, now he can understand what we are saying and we always try to negotiate with him when he don't want to do something we asked him to do. So after negotiating, he is mostly okay.

Anyway I gotten C+, in fact G and Skyler also gotten it.
Skyler was the one who had it first then passed to me on my birthday.
Then G also gotten from us as we all didn't quarantine ourselves from each other. Haha..
So the period we gotten is around the mid April to early May.

The big thing in 2023, I guess is the inflation coming.
GST hike going from 7% to 8%.
And we bought new water filters and sofa before the hike. Haha..
I guess many people are like us, chiong to buy stuff before GST increase.

Anyway, nothing much to update for the year already.
Cheers to a more exciting 2023 to come. :)

Friday, December 31, 2021

A Different Year - 2021

The past few days, it wasn't raining so heavily like today. 
Seems like the last day of the year, it is always raining. 

Anyway, its the time of the year to summarize the year! 
This whole 2021 is all about motherhood, being a first time mum and learning to be a mum.
One thing that I still cannot get used is to wake up as early as 6am+ 7am in the morning.
Even when I goes to office, I don't even wake up this early. Omg~

Breastfeeding journey was hard and I was able to commit for 11 months.
If I didn't went for vaccination, I am not sure when I would stop. Haha..

Looking at the monthly photos that I took of Skyler, seems like he looks different day by day.
If there's no photo to capture that moment, I won't even feel he look different.

Sometimes I do miss the time before having kid but now I guess this is a different joy of life.
I am also happy that my 2 friends have joined the motherhood club this year!
Next year, one friend will join the club too. :)

Few days ago, I thought I was pregnant again.
However, I suddenly bleed heavily so I went for checkup.
The report came back and Gynae told it was a biochemical pregnancy.
After googling, then I understand what that was.
G and I was open-minded as in, if have then have, if not then its also okay. Haha..
I kinda felt relief though because having Skyler has already tire me out. 
Popping another one will be a headache.
That whole week when I thought I was pregnant, G wont let me carry Skyler at all.. 
And he was also busy helping taking care of Skyler because I cannot carry.. Haha..

Hopes for Year 2022.
I hope the pandemic will subside soon.
I want to travel and I dislike wear mask when I am out.
Hope for the better. :)

Monday, December 20, 2021

Happy Birthday Skyler!

Seems like just a few days ago, I gave birth to my little boy.
In an blink of an eye, he turned one year old on 20 Dec 2021!

Looking back, after I gave birth, during my maternity leave period, I seems to be living day by day.
It was rather tormenting because of sleepless night, a very tiring period.

After my maternity ends and I started work, the days seems more relaxed and I seems to be living week by week.
Because most of the weekdays baby was with mother in law.
Then the schedule change to baby come back to stay overnight a day or two.

Month by month, he grow and become easier to take care.
But also have difficulty taking care too as he become more mobile.

After becoming a mother, a mother will always be so worried about every single thing on her child.
But I am happy that he is growing well.

Happy Birthday Skyler.
Mummy loves you always!

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Breastfeeding Journey

From the start, breastfeeding was not easy but then slowly it got easier.
Sometimes we just need to get use to thing and it will become easier as time goes by.

Remember back then when I was like first or second month postpartum, I kept wanting to stop breastfeeding because I was living a 3hr life.
Then G asked me to set a 6month breastfeeding target.
I think even before the 6th month, I think I got used and stopped complaining about it.
Just that when I need to go out to meet friend or date with G, it will be troublesome as I need to pump every 3-4hour. That was the only hassle.

Fast forward till now, 10month plus postpartum, I am still pumping but dropped to 2 pumps a day.
I stopped direct latching baby on 28 October because I went for my first vaccination.
Didn't want to introduce the antibodies to baby yet, so I am just pumping and keep as stash.
Had been giving him formula and EBM stash that I previously kept. 
Probably can last him till 1 year old or less.
It's fine for me be it breast milk or formula, he has the nutrients and I am more than happy already.

I was previously afraid the middle of the night feeds via bottle will make him not fall asleep after drinking milk because he was latched to sleep when he woke up for milk.
Normally, I will unlatch about 10mins after he drank and fell asleep before 28 October.
However, we have been trying for days now and is happy that he can fall asleep after putting him down.
I can tell that baby just want to wake up to drink milk and luckily he is not attached to boobs.
Guess my previous worries are useless..
I am just worried that if he goes to my mum's place for nap, he will have difficulty sleeping because no spring cot and he would need to be latched to sleep. 
I'll probably just have to babywear him to sleep.

Back to pumping topic, dropping pump to 2 times a day can clearly see the distinct dropped in supply.
The first day when I moved from 3 to 2 times, I could pumped 200ml. 
But the next day, it become 160ml to 170ml.
Now its just 110ml to 120ml within the first week.
I feel pretty sad with the dipped supply but I should see open because  soon I will move to 1 pump a day then says goodbye to breastfeeding in about a month time. 
So I am just pumping whatever I have now.

Words just can't really describe this love-hate relationship with breastfeeding.
I am happy I can supply food to my boy up till now.
Also, really thankful that breastfeeding helps a bit with my weight loss.
So after stop breastfeeding, I gonna control food intake already! Haha..

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Week 8 Baby

Skyler is 8 week old today! Which means I'm halfway through my Maternity leave. Anyway I extended a few more days so I'll be back to work in May. 

So for the past 4 weeks (after his 1st mth), there has been lots of ups and downs for me. This boy's emotions and habits seems like ever changing. I know there are more to come...

Motherhood is really not easy. Sometimes when I couldn't handle him, I would ask myself why do I land myself into this situation? I will also ask myself what did I do wrong that leads to current situation.

Small problem like he doesn't want to nap, would make me feel very frustrated because he will become very cranky and fussy.

Tried many sorts of way to make him nap. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.

Previously I strongly objected to use spring cot but now I am thinking that if this way works for him to at least take naps, then why not?

I don't want to make myself even more stressful and unhappy just to make him nap so I decided to compromise.

As long as he is not cranky and fussy which may lead to future bad temper(?), then I guess I just have to do ways that make him happy and also make myself happy.

Well, all mums just want to do things that are best for their babies right?

I am really thankful that G is really a hands on dad.

He has his magic hand that can make my boy to sleep most of the time.

So I dread the days when he has to go office to work.

Not only helping to take care of baby, he also helped out with housework when I am taking care of the baby. 

How not to love this man? :)

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Ending 2020

This year, I guess there is nothing much to write about.
I was lucky to get to travel on January to Okinawa before COVID gets out of hand around the world.
And I really love Okinawa!
Because G can drive and we can go to places not just within the place we stay.
The air ticket to Okinawa is cheaper as compare to Tokyo.
We can still get to buy Japanese stuffs, eat Japanese food at maybe a cheaper price as compare to the capital? 
I would really love to go back to Okinawa again!
If there is no pandemic, probably we would have travel to Tasmania, Perth or Hokkaido already.

In Feb/March, 2 of my bestfriend got married amid COVID.
Which was lucky because the pandemic in Singapore is still not very widespread yet.
Veron held a small wedding dinner on 17 Feb at Ban Heng Orchard Central.
Jingwen had a full day wedding on 15 March and I was one of her bridesmaid.

The one thing that change our life now is having a baby boy.
I got pregnant in end March, and delivered him in December 20th.
I would say its a good time to get pregnant this year due to COVID? Haha..
Anyway, we also can't get to travel overseas during this period.
Not sure when COVID will end?
Probably when it ends, baby boy grow older and we can travel together as a family.

So being pregnant for about 40 weeks seems long but also feels short.
At the start, it feels really long but when I start to countdown to the nearer date, I don't seems to feel ready being a mother. HAHA!

Stepping into parenthood is not easy and both of us are still learning everyday.
Everyday is a challenge and this gonna be long term journey.
Good luck to us! Lol~

Hopefully the coming Year 2021 will be better!

Thursday, December 24, 2020

It's been a long time..

When the night falls
Feeling alone in the room
Thoughts started to pours in.

I thought I was a strong woman.
During hospital stay, other than the pains I felt, I thought I was mentally fine.

Until the first night at home, I couldn't controlled, started to think too much and then cried badly.
It's been a long time since I last cried so badly.
I can't even remember when was the last time..

Not that I don't have a supportive and helpful husband and mother in law to help me with the confinement and taking care of the baby.
Probably just that everything changed suddenly.
Just like what my sis said, "Like suddenly so overwhelmed and also like life suddenly change so much". 
Which I think that's right.  Life suddenly changed so much. 

I probably need to be even stronger than I thought. 
But anything for my baby so that he can grow up healthy and well. :)

Pregnancy Journey - Third Trimester

Week 28 - 28 Sep ~ 4 Oct
Finally in my 3rd trimester!
Which means 3 months more to go!

On 3 Oct, I went for my Gynae appointment to get my Glucose Test Result.
As expected, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.
So I have to start controlling my diet and from next week, I have to do "homework".
Which is to test my blood sugar level and record down what I eat for my Gynae to see.
Pricking myself for the test is scary to me. Sigh..

Baby is weighing at 1kg today!
And I am also weighing at 70kg. 
Gaining 6kg up till now.

This week scan is his side view.
Looking cute.
Seems like he has high nose bridge and cute lips which look like his daddy?

Week 29 - 5 Oct ~ 11 Oct

Baby kicks seems to be more prominent this week.
I can feel him day and night. :)
Also, I am starting to have leg cramps at night. 
Really painful. T-T

So I started to do my blood glucose test and I feel that the result are okay except on some meals when I eat more carbs.

On 10 Oct, I had my appointment with the Gynae.
So he wanted me to test my blood glucose everyday for 2 meals.
Making sure that after meals 2hr, the level will not be over 7.0mmol/L.
Next appointment will be in 3 weeks time.

Today's ultrasound, we couldn't see baby face because he is lying back facing us. HAHA!
Too shy?
So no picture of him.
He's at 1.2kg now.
Growing at normal pace.

Week 30 - 12 Oct ~ 18 Oct

Finally at week 30, which means 10 weeks more to go!
Can't believe I've walked this far.

My belly seems bigger now which give me problem walking longer distance, sitting still and dressing up.
I can't even squat lower else I will discomfort at my pubic bone area.

I can start to feel the heat of my body which I don't pre-pregnancy.
I perspires easily even though I am wearing sleeveless top and also when the weather is quite cooling nowadays.

Due to high blood glucose, I am trying to walk on my treadmill every night after dinner for at least 15mins (Best is to walk for 30mins).
Hoping to burn more energy and also increase my stamina.

Week 31 - 19 Oct ~ 25 Oct

Baby seems to be moving almost the whole day and night, which is good.
But I am wondering when does he sleeps?
Whenever I want to video down when he's moving in my belly, he stops moving. 
So camera shy.. :/

Week 32 - 26 Oct ~ 1 Nov

Gynae appointment on 31 Oct.
Baby weighing 1788g. Growing steadily. :)
I had been testing my blood sugar for 3 weeks, everyday since the last appointment.
Gynae says that my blood sugar level is fine but still need to monitor what I eat so that Baby don't gain weight suddenly.

So far so good. 8 weeks more to Week 40!
Getting nervous~
Next appointment in Week 35.

Week 33 - 2 Nov ~ 8 Nov

It has been rainy season these days.
Hopefully during my confinement period, the weather is also cooling like this.

My feet is getting more and more swollen.
I can't even see my ankle bones now. -_-"
I had to try squeeze my feet into my Birkenstock sandals that I bought for this pregnancy and it feel tight in it now..

Week 34 - 9 Nov ~ 15 Nov

This week seems to have constipation issue. :(
Also, it seems harder to sleep even on my left side.
Got a feeling that I am pressing onto baby's feet or hands at my left rib area because I can feel him telling me to move away. HAHA!
The whole day I can feel his movement because I believe he doesn't have much space inside me to move about. Haha..
Can't wait for scan next week.

Week 35 - 16 Nov ~ 22 Nov

Its getting harder to even wear my shorts. :(
My pubic bone is getting so painful whenever I stand up from sitting.
I guess baby is getting heavier that's why.. 

Appointment with Gynae on 21 Nov.
Baby is weighing at 2.1kg and my weight is 72.7kg.
Seems like I am gaining weight but baby is not really gaining. :(
Gynae said everything is good and next appointment will be in Week 37.

Week 36 - 23 Nov ~ 29 Nov

Weather nowadays are very cooling and its raining almost everyday.
Hope this is the weather for me during my confinement period.
I have started drinking coconut water since 22 Nov.

I have been forgetting to eat my multivitamin and calcium pills nowadays.
If i remember, I will at least eat the multivitamin.
The calcium pills cannot be eaten together with the multivitamin which is so troublesome.
It has to be 2hr apart.

Week 37 - 30 Nov ~ 6 Dec

Final 3 weeks!!
It seems like my weight has been dropping and I am not sure why.
Maybe because I am only eating 3 meals a day and not really snacking.
But I have no choice as I have no much appetite due to indigestion and acid reflux.
Comparing to the previous weight that I took during the last checkup, which is 72.7kg (after food) to my weight on 2 Dec, I am weighing at 71.8kg (after food).
Its like about 1kg drop.
Hopefully baby is still growing well even though I am dropping weight.

Gynae appointment on 5 Dec.
Baby is weighing 2.79kg. 
That's weight gain for about 600g in 2 weeks! Nice~
Also, took GBS test.
Next appointment is next week.

Week 38 - 7 Dec ~  13 Dec

Seems like my hair fall is starting again when I washed and blow dry my hair. :(
Though, its not dropping as much as my pre-pregnancy but its still not a good thing.

Gynae appointment on 12 Dec.
Found out that baby is not gaining weight since last week.
He is weighing at 2.83kg. Only growing 40g for a week.
Hence, doc suggested the next appointment will be on coming Thurs.
During these few days till next appointment, I have to try to gain his weight else he will be induced. Sigh~
Gynae suggested to eat durian for a week even though I have GDM.
He said that I can control later after I gave birth. Lol..

Week 39 ~ Week 40 - 14 Dec ~  22 Dec

Baby moving so so much on the night of 16 Dec.
Probably I ate too much food at Beauty In A Pot so he was very active?

On 17 Dec, not sure if I am feeling nervous or what.
But it was my first time waking up at 5am to pee but couldn't fall asleep until 7am.
Anyway, I am having gynae appointment on the same day.
Probably thinking too much so affecting me falling asleep.

So I had my my Gynae appointment in the afternoon.
Baby is really obedient because I keep telling him to eat. 
And he really grow till 3033g today! Haha..
Probably I really ate more over the week.
Gynae checked that the amniotic fluid is enough so we can wait few more days.
If I am still not going into labour, I will be admitted on 22 Dec to induce labour.
Because overdue baby, there will also be risk.
This few days, I will try to walk more.

On 20 Dec, I delivered my baby in the afternoon.
Will write a separate post on the birthing process.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Thoughts and Feelings

In this post, I am going to share my thoughts and feelings about pregnancy.

I have hope for kids.
However, I thought I will never be a mum.
Being a mum, I have to learn to be selfless.
Example, during pregnancy, I have to give up many of my favorite food and drinks.

I feel that I am really lucky.
I wanted to have a 2020 baby.
I wanted to have a baby boy as my first child.
When I found out that my baby EDD's, I hope that that he will be a Capricorn.
However, my boy decided to arrive on 20 Dec instead which make him a Saggitarius.

I hoped that he has big eyes like his daddy but seems like his eyes are mine. Lol~
Nose tip like mine but high nose bridge like his daddy.
More hair like me.
Intelligence like me.
Good temper like us. 

But these are wishes that I hoped for lah..
As long as he is healthy and obedient I will be very happy already.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Pregnancy Journey - Second Trimester

Week 13 started on 15 June 2020 and finally I am at my 2nd trimester!

On 16 June, I went to see my Gynae for retaking of my blood for NIPT test.
Since I am there, the Gynae also want to check out the baby so we had our 4th scan.
Today, baby is very jumpy and active.
Doc told me that the amniotic fluid level seems low and I have to intake more water else baby will be very cramp inside.
Baby size is at 6.4cm seems like smaller than estimated size showing in theAsianparent app.
Probably, I haven been eating nutritious lately. :(
I will try to eat more and drink more water!

Week 13 - 15 June ~ 21 June.
I guess I feel a little better.
Although, I can eat a little more for dinner, heartburn and acid reflux is common problem for me everyday.
Also, I get to eat durian but I limit myself because of high sugar level.
I felt more tired and slept earlier on some days.
Also, it seems like my pregnancy rhinitis has subside.

Week 14 - 22 June ~ 28 June.
It seems like I have gained about 1kg.
Belly seems a little more protruding. I look like more than 14 weeks preggy. -_-"
So during the period, we went out for shopping and I think I cannot take long walk.
Not sure is it due to preggy or I have been staying home for 3months plus, my legs was aching badly after the long walk.
I have been having mild headache these days. :(

Week 15 - 29 June ~ 5 July.
Appetite seems better during the night in the mid week but still have a bit of acid reflux at night.
I am weighing around 65~66kg this week.

On 4 July, I had my 5th appointment and finally I got my NIPT result.
Happy that everything is okay.
We also got to know the gender of the baby! :)
Baby is very very active! Even the gynae said so while scanning him.
The heart beating at around 148 BPM.
Amniotic fluid level has increased and I was advise to continue intake more water.
Gynae also advise me to do more exercise like swimming or yoga.
The next scan will be 4 weeks later.

Week 16 - 6 July ~ 12 July.
Appetite seems to continue getting better. Not much acid reflux this week.
So I tried to drink carbonated drinks like Cola. :p
Still trying to eat rice because I seems to have phobia with rice. Haha..

I saw the website and from theAsianParent app that in "Week 16 marks the time when some women begin to feel their babies moving. At first, those small movements may be hard to distinguish from tiny gas bubbles. Many women describe the sensation as butterflies fluttering or popcorn popping in their bellies".
Well, I am not sure if I feel it but on 7 Jul, I can feel tiny bubble in my belly. Haha..

Week 17 - 13 July ~ 19 July
This week feels the same as the last week. :)
Waiting to feel baby movement.

Anyway, I try to find out how much weight I should be gaining as per my BMI.
In one website, it gives me the list below.
I hope to gain at the minimum weight. Haha..
So week 17 now, my actually weight sometimes fall from 65.7~66.1kg. I think its good. :)

Have been going out to walk from 17-19 July.
Be it shopping with sis, short catch up with Sheauwei or grocery shopping with G and in law, are a good form of "exercise" rather than just staying at home sitting the whole day. Haha..
Bad thing is that I can't walk long now as my feet easily aches.
Lucky thing is by the next day, my feet recover from the aches.

Week 18 - 20 July ~ 26 July
This week appetite is not that bad.
However I suddenly had that "something stuck in my throat" feeling again. :(

I still can't really confirm I had feel the baby movement yet.
I got that rambling feeling in my stomach but not very obvious still.

My brain seems like deteriorating. HAHA!
Been feeling kinda forgetful or doing things the wrong way..

Week 19 - 27 July ~ 2 Aug
There week, baby's movement still not so obvious yet.
Sometimes, I just feel something light hitting me once in my stomach. -_-"

31 July, we went to buy some baby's clothing at Shen Kwong located as Bugis.
Seems like the baby's clothing and necessities are cheap and we bought quite a few sets.

Gynae appointment on 1 Aug.
Baby weighing at 290g with heart beating at 152BPM.
Gynae says that he is very active showing us a lot of hand sign, like waving and saluting. Haha..
Will be doing detailed scan on 6 Aug (Thurs)

After the scan, I went for my dental appointment as I always has bleeding gum when brushing teeth.
After cleaning and polishing, my gums did not bleed anymore. :)

Week 20 - 3 Aug ~ 9 Aug
Had our detailed scan on 6 Aug.
We were referred by our Gynae to do the scan at Thomson Diagnostic Ultrasound Centre.
The Obstetrician who did my scan was very nice and assuring that baby is okay.
Baby is weighing at 331g, gain of 41g in 5 days! Haha..
My boy is always so active when we see him through the ultrasound.
The next Gynae appointment will be 3 weeks later on 29 August.

After the detailed scan, we went Orchard to shop for more baby stuffs.
Oh, I also went to try out Pre-natal massage before the scan.
The experience seems not bad, so I signed up another 5hrs which can last me till I deliver.

Week 21 - 10 Aug ~ 16 Aug
On Week 21, the minimum weight that I should be having is 67.7kg but seems like I am a little over than expected, weighing at 68.1kg. D;
Appetite seems kind of better these days I believe. 
Especially, I have been eating junk food like Ruffles chips.

I can feel baby kick more often in the day.
Mostly, when I am sitting down at work. 
Previously, I can only feel when I am lying down during night time.

Week 22 - 17 Aug ~ 23 Aug
Feeling more kicks this week.
Wondering when will he kick through my tummy. Haha..
Sometimes when I touch my tummy, I kind of can feel the vibration when he kicks. :)

TheAsianParent app stated that my skin will look radiant and will have a "pregnancy glow", but I have pimple popping on my face.
Sigh, its like getting more and more and facial doesn't really seems to help.
I even had pimples at the side of my neck that does really go away ever since I am preggy. :(

Also, I am starting to have backache since I slouch when I sits.
Feeling like an old lady.
Sigh.. my indigestion and heartburn is back to haunt me again this week.
Probably, my belly is getting bigger and my internal organs are cramping up.

Week 23 - 24 Aug ~ 30 Aug
Week 23 this week, means I am entering the 6th month!
Nothing much, feeling much the same as the last week.
However, I seems to feel hungrier easily this week.

Gynae appointment on 29 Aug.
We got the result of the detailed scan that we went on 6 Aug.
Everything is normal. :)
During the scan, Gynae didn't tell us the exact weight and length, just said 500g+ and 16cm+.
Baby seems to be growing on track and well.

Next appointment on 21 Sept, I was told to do Glucose screening test and it sound scary as I need to take 3 blood test at each hour.
Does it mean I need to be poke 3 times? :O 

Week 24 - 31 Aug ~ 6 Sep
I am in my 6th month of pregnancy! 
Time seems to pass very fast.

This week I supposed to be weighing at 68.9kg, but I seems to be weighing at 67.9kg when I weigh myself in the morning (31 Aug).
Not sure if its good or not.
Just hope that baby is getting all the nutrients from me.

The baby cabinet arrived on 5 Sep.
Finally can do some packing so that the room is not so messed up with stuffs on the floor. :)

Finally post my pregnancy news on social media on 6 Sep.
Got a lot of blessing from friends and family.

Week 25 - 7 Sep ~ 13 Sep
I seems to notice that my hair did not drop as much as last time when I blow dry my hair.
Seems like a good thing! Woohoo~
Anyway, I probably wont be cutting my hair very short after giving birth.
Will just let my current hair grow.
Because after confinement, it will be almost CNY already.

Nowadays I seems to have backache when I try to sleep on my side.
I am also getting afraid that I will be putting pressure on baby when sleeping sideways.
Hence, I am getting a pregnancy pillow support, hopefully it will help me sleep better.

Week 26 - 14 Sep ~ 20 Sep
Wow, in 2 weeks time I will be moving towards the 3rd trimester!
Mix feeling as I would like to meet baby soon, but on the other hand, its gonna be the start of a tiring parenthood.

Probably baby is growing in size, I am feeling pain at the left side of my lower belly.

Week 27 - 21 Sep ~ 27 Sep
Had appointment on 21 Sep.
It is also the day I did the Glucose Tolerance Test.
I have to drink a very sweet Orange Syrup and then take blood test for every 1hr.
Totally blood drawn = 3 times. 
Also, Gynae surprised me by saying that I have to inject a Boostrix vaccination.
I am someone who is not afraid of needle but getting poke 4 times in a day is really scary!!
Worst day of my life. :(

Baby is weighing 927g. 
Heading to 1kg soon. :)
Baby facial form seems to be more clearer than before.
The Gynae said that he looks like me due to his chubby cheeks. I am like what??
Anyway, he looks cute. Hehe~

On 22 Sep, I received a call from Gynae saying my test result is out.
Seems like its not a good news, so I will be going back next Saturday to check on the result. :(
In the meantime, no sugary drinks. Sigh~

Seems like my heartburn is back haunting me again. Grrrr..
Sometimes, I feel that eating small portion of food doesn't help. Sighh..

Will be giving more updates on my 3rd trimester post.

Sunday, July 05, 2020

Pregnancy Journey - NIPT Test

There are many type of NIPT test like OSCAR, Harmony, Paranormal. etc.
Initially, my Gynae told me that they only have OSCAR and Harmony test.
However, after researching and my sis told me that Paranormal test is better than the both above, I call back to discuss with my Gynae.
After discussion, my Gynae was able to provide Paranormal test at a better price than Harmony.
So we decided to go ahead with them for Paranormal test which cost $1200 (not inclusive of GST).

I drew my blood for NIPT Test on 5 June (in my week 11).
Gynae told us that the result will be out in about 2 weeks time.
However on 12 June, I received a call telling me that the test cannot be done because of blood clot.
So I had to went down again on 16 June to redraw my blood. :(
I had to wait for another 2 more week to know my result.

4 July, which is in my Week 15, we went down for my appointment and I finally gotten my Paranormal result.
Happy that the blood test is all good, the baby is healthy and we also know the gender!
Finally, I can annouced to some of my close friend about the news. :)

Saturday, July 04, 2020

Pregnancy Journey - First Trimester

Today, I am announcing that I am pregnant!
By right, I wanted to announce on our 3rd wedding anniversary but I wanted my baby to be healthy before I announce.

Below is the summary of my progression in the first trimester.

So I found out that I could be pregnant on 6 Apr when I tested with the china brand HCG strip.
On 7 Apr, I went to buy test kit to test on the next day morning.
After testing the result was positive and I told my mum and dad. They were happy about it.
My sis knew it all along as I told her the result day by day.
At night, I show the kit to G and his reaction was like don't believe that its real. LOL!
He don't even know how to read the kit.
He announced to his parents on 12 Apr.

Actually, I don't feel pregnant as I have totally no symptoms other than frequent urination and a little abdominal cramp and backache.
Some days, I still use cheap strips to test to see if I am still pregnant or not. Haha..
Appetite was okay and I felt easily hungry most days.
Like 6pm I am already hungry and looking forward to dinner.

Had my first scan appointment with a Gynae on 30 Apr (6week sonogram above).
We were very happy that baby is healthy with heart beating at 120 BPM.
From the sonogram, it calculated the EDD at 23 Dec 2020 which was different from what I calculated.
I calculated the EDD at 20 Dec 2020.

However, the next day, I had spotting occurred.
Probably I was not careful when I do housework. :(
Because it was a PH, and the clinic was not open, we went back to the Gynae on the following day.
2 May, went to scan to check if baby was ok.
Luckily, he/she was fine but I was given more medication. D;

On 16 May, I had my 2nd appointment. (8th week sonogram above).
Baby look like a bean to me now at 2.11cm. Hehe~
During the scan, baby didn't move much.
The gynae said probably he/she was sleeping.
At one time, he/she did moved a bit and I was able to spot it.
Baby is healthy. :)

During these few week, my appetite was not good during dinner time, wasn't able to eat much.
Imagine I cannot even a bowl of rice. I only had less than half portion of it but I try to take more vegetables if I can.
In replacement of rice, I made plain porridge instead.
Luckily, I still can eat breakfast and lunch, just having problem with dinner.
I think I prefer to eat more salty and little spicy food more than sweet stuff.
Pity G had to eat more food because I cannot finish the food that MIL cooks.
Anyway, just feel like my body is not my body anymore. :(
Also, I seems to have pregnancy rhinitis.

Week 9 for me, is that I am getting more sleepy during the daytime.
Sometimes I was awake a little in the middle of the night as well.
Nauseous at anytime of time day but no vomiting so I think still alright.
Still having issue with eating dinner, hopefully 2nd trimester will be better.
Doesn't have steep weight gain, I am still weighing between 64.8kg-65.2kg, but I feel that 我有长肉!:(

Week 10 - 25 May ~ 31 May.
My appetite seems a little better during the mid week?
But seems like the digestion issue is still bad sometimes.
Feeling the food are all clog at my throat and not going down. :(
Having a little difficulty falling asleep at night even though I am already very tired. -_-
Still waking up at around 4-5am, sometimes to pee, lucky still able to sleep back normally.

Week 11 - 1 June ~ 7 June.
I am feeling almost the same as week 10.
Different from Week 10 is that I am feeling more exhausted.
Have been taking short nap after lunch.
And I can sleep throughout the night as well.

On 5 June, I had my 3rd appointment to do NIPT test.
Took about 3 tubes of blood which made me headache the whole day the next day.
Had ultrasound scan. Baby is healthy with heart beating at around 155 BPM.
Baby has grow bigger and look more human now. Haha..
From the sonogram, he/she seems to be lying on one side.
We can see his/her litte hands and legs, rib and spinal.
We also see him/her jump a bit too. Hehe..
Hoping the result will be good in 2-3 weeks time.
By that time, we will also know the gender. So excited! :)

Week 12 - 8 June ~ 14 June.
Still the same.
My appetite for dinner is getting bad again.
On 10 June, I vomited for the first time after eating dinner. Sigh~
Seems like baby don't like to eat Phuay Leng but that was my fave veggie! Omg.. LOL!

Ok, that's my first trimester diary. (Oops.. probably too much info for you to read. :p)
Hoping for better in second trimester.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Summary of 2019

Hey hey, its the time of the day to conclude my year. :D

Nothing much on Jan and Feb because its a New Year and CNY period.

March 23, one of my best friend, Eng Sang got married.
On the same day, my colleague, Jamie got married as well.
Between my bestfriend and my colleague, I have to go for my bestfriend's wedding lah..
Anyway, I am So happy for both of them. ^^

On Apr 19 to 25, was my first trip of the year to Taiwan; Taipei!
I already lose count on hw many time I went there already.
This year challenge was to try different BBT stores which explains my weight gain. Mehhh~
Went to Wulai which I have always wanted to go.
Also, went to this cafe call Woosa and fell in love with the pancakes!

Went on a 3D2N Bintan trip for G's birthday from 23 to 25 May.
Stayed in this nice resort call Canopi.
I think its rename to Natra Bintan, a Tribute Portfolio Resort.
Bad thing is that, its not near the city and we went to this boring ghost town which I cant remember the name of the place. LOL!
The place was really chill and not much people.

I recived my 5th year service award on 27 June.
By right, I am actually with the company for 5.5years.
But because the first half year was contract basis should, 0.5mth was not counted. SO SAD!
Anyway, this is the longest company that I have stayed so far..
Not sure whether its a good or bad thing.

On 1 Sep, we attended my brother wedding at Malaysia because his wife is a Malaysian.
It was a very simple wedding yet a different experience one.
On 28 Sep, my brother held the custom wedding in Singapore.

November 8 to 16, I went on a trip to AU with 2 colleagues - Carol and Elaine.
Main purpose was to attend Christian and Choi San's wedding.
And since we are there for their wedding, we also plan a week trip there to Sydney and Melbourne.
Out of the 2 cities, I would prefer Melbourne due to the shopping district and the shops doesn't close very early.
But maybe because we also didn't really explore much in Sydney so I prefer Melbourne? Haha..

December 21, attended JJ Lin Santuary 2.0 concert with G, Eng Sang and Jingwen together.
Not the first concert together with these girls because we attended Jayesslee one together before.
JJ concert experience was good though our seats were quite far from the stage. :(
He sang many new songs which we don't know but I also found new songs that I liked!

Went JB to perm my hair on 23 Dec so my perm hair is about 1 week old now.
Well, I feel that I like the perm hair that I did back in 2012.
Probably I had long hair previously. Haha..
I can say that perming hair is really cheap in JB as compared to SG, like duh. :p

Recently, I bought a treadmill to run because I really really want to lose weight.
I gained weight since last year but this year seems worst.
I gained like about 10kg! :(
So I am trying to keep fit and also trying to eat healthily nowadays.

These concluded my 2019.
I wonder how 2020 will be but hope its a good one. :)
See you!

Monday, December 31, 2018

Recollection of 2018

Its the same rainy day at the end of the year though past few days the weather was so warm.

Reading what I wrote 10 years ago when I just matured at age 21.
I mostly fulfill my traveling plan.
In my 20s, I was afraid to age but look I am in my 30s now and it just feel like so what? Haha.. those naive days..

Ok, so this year I barely do blogging and I believe I won't be doing much for the next few years anymore.
I will just do summary of the year unless anything interesting or I feel like ranting, then I will blog. :p
It's even less than 10 posts and I am wondering who read my blog anymore. Haha..
Anyway, let me do a recollection of 2018 month by month.

On Feb 25, we gotten our home keys thus a new journey for 2 of us began.
Door opening happens on 3rd March.
The renovation took about 7 months to complete.
Because time is needed to do defect checking, cement screeding, planning, etc.
So we finally moved in on 29 October 2018.

In the same month of March, we traveled to Japan.
Its a 9 days free and easy trip from 29 March to 7 April.
I always wanted to visit Tokyo and finally made it.
Not only we visited Tokyo, we also went to Osaka and Kyoto area.
I really love their scenic places but doesn't like the shopping. Haha..
Oh, and I finally seen the beauty of Sakura~~ so love!

In June, we went to Bali to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary and 10 year of togetherness.
Stayed at Aksari Villa Seminyak and it was a great experience.
I super love the resort which is very relaxing.
The people there are very friendly and attend to us whenever we need.
May visit again in future. :)

In the same month of June, I snipped of my long hair and back to bob hair.
But didn't last long like 2012. I just wish my hair grow longer now. Hahahaha..

In July, I got addicted to a game call Royal Chaos and waste load of money on this game. =X
Even my sis is playing with me so I am not alone. :D
Luckily, I am still playing the game till date else money wasted. Muahaha..
Well, this toxic game keeps me busy which is that's one of the reason I didn't maintain my blog.
I even lazy to post travel pics to Facebook and just posted everything last night.

On November 11, my sis gave birth to Number 2 and I became Ah Yi again.

In the same month of November (23-27 Nov), I traveled to Taiwan with my parent in law.
I almost couldn't make it due to my passport validity issue. -_-"
This last flight of the year really give me a real good lesson learnt!
Silly me, thought that few days past 6 months is okay to travel.
Anyway, I will remember this experience for life and will take note every time when I need to travel.

On December 22, I hold a housewarming session at my home.
Invited some good friends and colleagues for visit.
Happy to hear good reviews of our home. :)

Mostly good stuff happening or maybe because I choose to forget the bad.
Now, I try to remember anything that is bad and I cannot remember much.
The bad that I can remember only happened at workplace because this year we lose a lot of close colleagues. :(
Even my closest colleague also left the company.
I hope for the best for her in her future endeavor.

Oh and one more thing is I hit 60kg this year lah!
Is this the sign of low metabolism rate? Damn.
Cannot outgrow already else all my pretty clothes cannot wear anymore. :(
Need to get up and move!!!

Hmm.. I guess my 2018 is to learn how to be a good wife.
Now, I have a home of my own and I have to do laundry, cleaning and sometimes cooking.
No more help from my mum anymore and shake leg everyday when I am back home.
Luckily, G also helped out a lot because he OCD. Hahaha.. Well, its a good thing that he OCD.
Although, sometimes we will compare who did what, but at the end, we will still need to compromise each other in order to stay together harmoniously.


Wednesday, May 02, 2018