Saturday, March 29, 2014

South Korea - Annyeong Seoul

Hello there..
I am back with my Korea trip post because someone commented to look forward to more Korea post!
Okay so here's the motivation!!!! :D

Continuing from Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of Korea 2013 Travelogue..

After leaving James BLuE hostel, We took a bus to go to Seoul from Sokcho at around 5pm.

Bus ticket to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal at KRW 17,300.

Due to the jam, I guessed the bus detour and it took longer time to reach Seoul.
By the time we reached Seoul, it was already 10pm+.

We then took train at Gangbyeon Station.
But first we have to buy their ezlink card which is call the T-money.
You can buy it from the vending machine.
It was quite confusing for us so we seek help.

A card in a box. So cool~

Yay got the T-money card and off we head to our guesthouse.

Our guesthouse was located at Jongno 3(sam)-ga which is quite a central area because there are a few interchange.
When we reached our guesthouse, it was already around 11.30pm.
It was very unfortunate for us to receive very bad news from the owner.
The room that we booked was given to another people because the owner thought that we were going to forfeit the night.
We were so tired and unhappy that we made quite a fuss and wanted to cancel the stay there.
Anyway, long story short, finally they got us another room at another hostel to stay for a night.
So the next morning, they will bring us and our luggage back to the guesthouse.
Hmm.. I will write the whole grandmother story in another post to review the guesthouse okay.

So the first day in Seoul, we woke up quite early because we need to pack and unpack and move back to the guesthouse.
Then we went to explore along the streets and settled down at a cafe to have our breakfast.


cafe EL CAMINO is a small cozy cafe which we love~
Even though the outside weather was cold, the place really warm us up.
The small and cute decorations/ ornamental really attract us that we had to go around taking photos.
There are a wide selection of drinks and menu to choose from.
We ordered the Panini set and the lady was really kind to help us cut into 3 pieces!
I am someone who needs milk in the coffee, so cafe latte suit well for me.
My 2 girls goes for Americano.
And we really love the Panini, it taste so good that I want to have it again~

Really recommend you to stop by if you stay around Jongno 3(sam)-ga area.
It is along the streets of exit 7.

Continuing walking down to the train station and we stop by for some tourist photo shots. :D

I really do look like a tourist, don't i? Haha.. #OOTD

Guess where was our first stop???

A place where many many Korean brand of cosmetics and skin care located at.
Not only that, there are also food stores, cafes, and department store as well.!
It is a must go on the list if you visit Korea.
Many of the cosmetics and skin care that I bought came from here. Refer to my Korea Haul post HERE.
So the rumors of them giving many many samples are true~
Well, there are requirement to receiving many samples and maybe also meeting the right person. Tell you more about it below.

So, we had a list of shops that we want to visit.
And the first store we got into and came out with a big bag is the SAEM which became my favorite brand now.
Currently it is not in Singapore market.
So I said about meeting the right person right?
This girl whose name Seiko (Not sure if I spelled correctly), but Sheauwei called her Jessica because she looked like SNSD Jessica, is really helpful to us.
Oh, she is Japanese by the way.
She explained the products to us and really convinced us into buying it. Hahaha.. not sure if its good or bad.
Well, I was in Korea, so we should shop till drop. =X
Anyway, she really gave us a big bag of samples, unlike the others stores we went too.
FYI, I am not the biggest spender for this store but still got a fair shares of good sample~. :p

Funny shot of us because we went to the first stop and spent about S$100+ there~
Carrying this big bag around and we chanced upon too cool for school.
Another good brand to shop~

Another happy buy~
Other than these, we also went innisfree, A'pieu, Olive Young, Laneige, Etude House, etc..

There's finger food selling there too, so fret not if you are hungry after shopping..

Heavy and many bags that we have to carry around.

I was really tired and its still wasn't half a day yet. LOL~
Wished there was some guys who would helped us carry the bags while we shopped.  T-T
Anyway, we went back to our guesthouse and dropped out stuff before heading to the 2nd destination.

I guess we also went to Two Two Fried Chicken for food, but our order are so wrong. LOL!
We just wanted a good Samgyetang aka Ginseng Chicken but I guess that was not the right place.

So our second destination in the night was DongDaeMum.
Another shopping district that you have to go.
However, we didn't buy much clothes because it was more on selling winter clothes so we just look around.

And this is the famous Doota where the Korea Fashion brand sells.
I think its a wholesale store but mostly their price doesn't come cheap, not sure if its due to the season?
If I am not wrong, its 6-8 level high.
By the way, they have locker for you to lock your bags if you don't want to carry your heavy stuff around.
Every MRT station also have locker for you, just don't forget that you have stuff locked thre. :)

Other more shopping complex like apm, Migliore..

Well, we ended the day just shopping for the first day in Seoul.
And we also explored more places as the day passes..
Shall continue soon in the next few posts.
Its going 2AM, I shall go to sleep after this.
Good night!

Thursday, March 27, 2014 · Laneige · Mariott Singapore

Last Thursday, I was invited to the preview of
The event was held at Marriott Hotel Pool Terrace Pavilion.
I had never know that Marriott Hotel has such a cozy beautiful place.
In the night, it will look even romantic when the lights are all up.
One more nice location to add into the list, if you want to organize an event. :)

Yummy macaroons,

In the event, we get to learn about how to empower my social influence with influr as well as to be an influential blogger.

ABOUT influr

influr (spelled with a lowercase "i") is founded on the basis of creativity. As you create content by posting anything be it in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, each time your friends or followers applaud you with actions on social media by giving you likes or comments, you are motivated to do better. influr's here to turn that applause into actual rewards, because to create the best, you need to feel the best.

Being an influr influencer, there are 4 different stages.

a Elite Influencers

a Respected Influencers

a Popular Influencers

a Elementary Influencers

In different stages, it will give you access to different Treats (aka influr’s signature rewards program) from your favorite brands.

And if you are truly influential, you may even get selected to become a Brand Advocate of their partners through Assignments (influr’s brand campaigns).

Not only me, everyone (any individual who owns Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) gets an opportunity to prove your influence and get rewards from it.
Just sign up at and link up your accounts as simple as that!

At the event, Femme were given the New Laneige BB Cushion and Homme were given Homme Brightening Powder Mist to try.
I was really excited to get a hand on the New Laneige BB Cushion when I saw the advertisement about it!

It is the Top Seller with every 1 piece sold every 10 seconds!! (Not exaggerating thats how popular it is)

ABOUT Laneige

The name, which means "snow" in French, encapsulates the powerful hydration benefits of the brand, with intensive research by Laneige scientists to distill patented Water Science technology that is incorporated into all Laneige products. Laneige scientifically studies ‘water’, the source of life and the most important element of healthy skin, for optimal hydration and moisturization.

Laneige is one of the fastest growing premium cosmetic brands which completes the beauty of women by pursuing the artistic sensibility of Water Science to help women achieve the radiant, dewy skin they have always longed for.

Laneige Homme is the range of sophisticated cosmetics for urban men with fast-acting moisture energy that benefits damaged skin care and skin protection.

Laneige Water Science is the basis to address your skin needs. Discover a rejuvenated beauty awakening in skincare and makeup with Laneige.

The package comes with extra refill pack too!

The New Laneige BB cushion also contains 6-in-1 amazing benefits!

1) Brightening effect

2) UV protection (SPF50+, PA+++)

3) Moisturizing effect

4) Natural and clean coverage

5) Soothing effect

6) Water-resistant

The improved BB cushion incorporates the Melacrusher Technology to target melanin formation, as well as bead tree extract and natural mineral water for added skincare and hydration benefits!

Something awesome about this BB cushion is the award-winning 800,000 cell sponge!
It delivers light, fresh and natural makeup that keeps skin looking and feeling great throughout the day!

What I like about this BB Cushion is that my skin does not feel oily throughout the day.
It give a great natural coverage and feel light-weighted on my skin.

Thanks influr, Laneige and Mariott Singapore for the pleasant evening~

Monday, March 24, 2014

Nuffnang Lovin' x Freeing SG

Last Monday, I attended an event organized by Nuffnang Lovin' x Freeing SG.
In this event, we are grouped in 5-6 people in a team to play a reality room escape game.
Previously, I tried a similar room escape game, so I sort of have some "experience" with this game.

Freeing SG 《逃出狮城》 is set to take the 5D entertainment landscape in Singapore to a whole new level with the official opening of their first outlet in Singapore today.

Based on the popular “Freeing HK” model – the first reality room escape game in Hong Kong – Freeing SG gives players the experience of a lifetime as they rack their brains to escape a “real-life” situation.
Inspired by virtual “Escape Room” video games and web-based browser games, Freeing SG takes the experience further by immersing players in a physical reality to solve puzzles first hand.

Freeing SG aims to add a new dimension to a Singaporean entertainment scene dominated by movies and shopping.
Four to eight players are stuck in a locked room or location where their only way out is to search for clues, solve puzzles and uncover secrets within a given time limit.
Say goodbye to mindless amusement – players will really need their wits about them!

Freeing SG’s current line up of four rooms will be expanded gradually in batches to a total 10 rooms by the end of October. Players will get to choose themed environments like horror or others where they have to solve a mysterious crime.
Freeing SG will also have a dedicated Research and Development team to constantly update its entertainment offerings.

My team (L-R) Serene, Myself, Clinton, Wansing, Yvonne, Szeki.

So my team was being appointed to the room called Unmasked, which is said to be the most difficult and interesting of all?
Well, we were quite lucky, I guess..

We are entitled with ONE hint throughout the game and we have to escape the room within 45 minute.
But worry not, even if you are stuck after using the only 1 hint, I am sure the very helpful Game Master will help you out.
I can't reveal much but my tips are you need to have good teamwork, and be observance!
It is really fun so good luck with the game~

So, we managed to escape the room safely. Haha~

Even if you didn't managed to solve the challenge, the game master will explain to you what's missing.
And that's why you are not allow to play the room more than once.

I shall end this post with some selfie with my team mates. ;)

Freeing SG
Address: Level 7, Bugis +, 201 Victoria Street, Singapore 188067
Opening Hours: Sun – Thurs : 11am – 10pm (last game will be at 10pm)
Fri & Sat : 11am – 1am (last game will be at 12am)

Mon-Fri, before 5pm: $22 per pax
Mon-Fri, after 5pm: $28 per pax
Sat, Sun & PH: $28 per pax