Saturday, July 11, 2015

Staycation at Montigo Resort Nongsa

Rewind back to April this year, boyfriend and I had a 2D1N staycation over at Montigo Resort Nongsa.
The period that we stayed were from 18 April to 19 April.

We took the morning ferry at Tanan Merah Ferry Terminal.
It took us about 45mins to reach Nongsa Pura Terminal and 5min shutter bus ride to Montigo Resort.

Checked in at the lobby and booked timing for spa.

View at the lobby.

The map of Montigo

While waiting..


Took buggy to our villa.

Had a good view of the 3-storey villa.

Living room at Level 1

The pool at Level 1 as well.

Master bedroom at Level 2

Bathroom in Master bedroom

Guest room at level 2, come with a bathroom as well.

After putting down our stuff and checking out the villa, we went out.
The sun was scorching hot!
Seriously, you can see in the later pic, I got tanned!

While waiting for the lunch menu to start, we went to the Jetty for a walk and photo taking.

The place is very beautiful!
I guess the Jetty is the attraction in Montigo.

After which, we went to eat lunch.

Next, we travel down to the spa area to do a 60mins spa.
It was relaxing for me.

After spa, we went back to our resort to enjoy the pool.

Then, went sunset viewing at the balcony located at the third floor.

Our dinner menu.

Boyfriend then gave me my birthday present.
A DW watch. :)

At 7pm, the spa staff came to our villa to set up the romantic bath that we booked.
I was surprised with the below setup, really beautiful.
Came with a bottle of champagne, which I only drank a glass.
Such a waste, would be better if some one can share with me.

The next day, we woke up at around 8am?
And this is our view from the bed, would be better if there's no tree to block the sea view. LOL~

Had our breakfast then back to hotel to pack up and enjoy the last few moment in the villa.

Overall, the place is beautiful.
It would be great for big gathering with friends or family.
For 2 people, I don't think the price is really worthy.
Also, if you want to get to town, it would be around 45mins trip from Montigo and cost of taxi is not really cheap.
Not much things to do in the resort, so I think a 2D1N staycation is perfect for us.


Unknown said...

Hi, may I know did you all book a sea view villa? Or hill side/top? Thanks!

Jing said...

Hi, yes. It's seaview. :)

Cyrus said...

Hi! How much would you recommend for 2 person to bring based on your experience?

Jing said...

Hi Cyrus, actually i think its too big for 2 people. The resort is more for family bah. But if you want the experience then go for it. :)

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