Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Staycation at PARKROYAL on Pickering

By right, I should be writing my assignment instead of writing blog.
Just feel like slacking awhile.. As if i don't slack enough! >:/
Oh well, procrastination like again~

Anyway, last weekend I had a 2D1N staycation with my girls. (11 Jul 2015~12 Jul 2015)
This is the second hotel that I stayed in Singapore.
I couldn't remember how it happened and then Jingwen booked a room for a 2D1N staycation at PARKROYAL on Pickering.

I think we checked in at 2.30pm (based on FB check in. LOL!)
We didn't stay high level, just level 6.
Went into the room, and then explore the area.

View outside our room which can see Padang.
Saw the big TV screen for the NDP rehearsal.
Unfortunately, didn't get to see if we were able to see firework or not, because we were having our dinner. D;
But I saw some fighter planes.

Engsang and I changed into our swim suit to go water dipping.
Jingwen didn't join us.

They had the infinite pool like MBS.
However, its not very big.
The pool was occupy by many people, so we went to the "private" Jacuzzi area.

Went to Lime Restaurant for dinner buffet.

My small small portion of food that make me damn full that night.

Went to the "birdcage" to have some girly talk from 9+ to 10pm+
Then went back to our room to wash up, watch TV and sleep.

So we thought of taking a pic of the birdcage in the morning.
After comparing, we feel the night view is nicer. Haha~

Last pic before checking out.

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