Wednesday, July 15, 2009


SW walked over to me and said, "Oh my goodness, today she wear like that!"
Before she came to tell me this, and in my mind when i saw her that time i'm already thinking, "Eh, i thot you said you wont buy this kinda clothing because its for young people?"
Nowadays, SW loves to use this to describe her. HAHA!

I am so tired and sleepy today.
Slept at 1.30AM due to helping out with sis lah.
She better appreciate. =P
I sleep in the train and in the bus on the way to work today.
I almost overslept in the train.
Damn paiseh got people wake me up again~
But lucky someone wake me up if not i'll be back to marina bay~
And due to the traffic jam, i could slp awhile in the bus.
BUT i was late~ reach office at 9.10AM.
Its the jams fault, not me~ Hehe..
Supervisor not around today.
So hope its a relaxing day for me. ~_~

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