Saturday, July 18, 2009

K session

I just now type a few lines and IE hanged.
And blogger din even save the post~!!

Anyway last min decision to meet up with Veron.
To sing k.
The indecisive mother just could not make up her mind for almost everything. Aiyo~
Lucky, i have high tolerance and patience.
But i dont deny i dont compliant. Hehx.

Venue set at Yishun.
So both of us are very causal.
Thus no phototaking.

Breakfast/Lunch at Thai Express.
Guess its my first time trying the food.
Its not that bad for the one i chose just that they have a thai taste which i dont really like.
Veron didnt finish the one she ordered too.

Partyworld at Yishun Safra start at 2PM.
The time was early after we finished our food, so we went to walk around the shopping centre.
When the time's up, we walked there.
Sang from 2pm to 6pm.

Oh, i almost kanna kicked out of Partyworld.
Due to temp taking...
The 1st and 2nd attempt shows that i was 37.5 degree.
Panick! So when the server left, i went to drink water..
3rd attempt shows 37 degree. Z!
Maybe because the place is so cold that my temp went higher.

Saw Serene there at Safra, but she dont seems to recognize me or she's just being unfriendly?
But that's ok.... watever. Haha~

After our K session, i walked Veron home then i went back home.

Had my com reformatted.
The sound is back. ^-^
Laundry done as well.
I am a good girl today as i finished up almost all of my stuff.

Errr, my house is like full of virus now.
Everybody falling sick except me and grandpa.
But i guess soon it will be my turn~

Meeting dear tomorrow.
Hehe, i just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee disturbing him. :p
That's all.
Bye, Nite~

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