Saturday, July 25, 2009

Exploring Orchard

Stayed over at baobei house yesterday and we watched 2 movies.
One Missed Call and Underworld Rise of the Lycans.

Today we went down to Orchard.
Explored Orchard ION.
Looks like a maze to me. Haha~
And there's still some shops not open yet.
Dear said the place is bigger than Orchard Central.

On our way going down to Orchard Central.
We saw a lot of people gathering around at a place.
Out of curious, we went to see as well.
Saw a guy, just by using spray, he could sprayed out a picture of a Saturn.
Before he even spray it out, i didnt believe that he could spray out such painting.
But after he did it, i was really impressed.
You can see them at this blog ---
I really feel that the paintings are really nice~!

Went to Orchard Central, actually didnt really walked much.
Because i was hungry, so we headed down to PS for dinner; Pizzahut.
Then continue our walked around in PS.
Until around 10pm, then we parted. =)

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