Thursday, July 02, 2009

Orchard Central

Took the train to work in the morning today.
I saw the ads on the train on "Orchard Central".
In my heart, i was guess it should be the new shopping centre at Somerset.

Went to check more info on it just now.

(Click on image for larger pic.)

WOW, it has 12 level above ground level and 2 basement.
There are different cluster for this shopping centre.

1. Food Cluster
2. Fashion Cluster
3. Pampering Cluster
4. The Med
5. The Exchange @4
6. Active Lifestyle Cluster

I am more of interested on the rooftop, as read from those webs. Hehe~

Is it the tallest shopping centres in Singapore? :O
The outer design of the shopping centre looks pretty too.
All covered with glass. Is it?
Hehe, will find a day to go and check it out. ^-^

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