Monday, July 13, 2009

The Chariot and The Lovers

The mystic meets the philosopher in a combination that can either clash or cooperate depending on how mature these individuals are. Chariot lives in an independent world of ideas while the Lovers world is highly emotional and interdependent. Yet both can learn from each other. The emotional sensitivity of the Lovers soul at one level appeals to Chariot, who really does want to access deep feelings. When this intellectually astute thinker celebrates the tender and connected communication skills of the Lovers soul instead of being afraid of them this union begins to flourish. It usually depends on the Chariot bending to accommodate the creative and feelings-based Lovers. Lovers is already willing to accommodate anyone, let alone a primary partner. At its best, this combination can create beautiful art and philosophy together. At its worst, the Chariot will steer clear of the scary irrational Lovers soul.

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