Friday, February 12, 2010


The moment i stepped into the workplace at 9am today..
Yeeboon say there's nothing to do..
I was like WTF!!! NOOOOOOO~
I dont want to pass my time like this lea..
I rather stay at home whereby i can do stuff without feeling guilty.. -.-

For the past few days, i've been learning quite well though i am still not so familiar with the process.
But i know there's a lot of things to know and remember.
Job is easy.
Too easy to make me feel that its bored.
Time pass very slow like this and i hate it.
There's also one thing i dislike to do is to answer phone call and till now i haven start doing it..
But i know its better then serving customer face to face ah..
Because i always heard them kanna scolded by customers. -.-

I wanna leave but the contract is binding me..
Never felt so bored when working.
Too relax makes me feel very guilty. :(

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