Monday, February 08, 2010

First day at SGH

I am blogging while waiting for 下一站,幸福 EP 19 to finish downloading.

Anyway i survived the first day. HAHA!
Just that i hate the lunch time part. =(
I hate new environment because i have to re-adapt to the place and people around.
I miss lunching with Sheau Wei...
Yeah i know everything needs time.

By the way, the guy who teaches me my job scope also willing to help.
The job is rather easy and rountine.
Just that i need to get to know about the process with my fingers before i can relaxed. Hoho~
Get to know some people as well..
Found some people with birthday date near me or same as me. :O

Hope each day gets better.
Gonna be kinda lifeless every weekdays.
Gonna sleep eariler wake up earlier the next day. :S
Endure endure endure...

Can anyone tell me?
How can a person changes so fast until its seems that the person is kinda a stranger to me?
I am feeling rather emo nowadays.
Heartache i should say..
Only god knows what.

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