Thursday, February 04, 2010

Navel Pierce ♥

My 6th piercing FINALLY.
I've been hesistating for quite some time.
To get or not to get.
And finally, i went to get it.

At first, I guess was afraid of the pain...
I was like standing outside of Primitive Art alone for around half an hour plus..
Hesistating. -.-
Lucky i finally pluck up tat freaking courage to do it. HAHA!

Actually of all piercing i can only accept 2 places on the body - the ear and the navel.
I always feel that navel piercing is sexy..♥
Maybe from the influence of BoA. =p

The process is rather short.
And for me, it pain for awhile only just like piercing ear.

♥♥♥ I am loving it! ♥♥♥
Hope it will heal soon so that i can change to new accessories. ^-^

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