Monday, August 24, 2009

Last week...

Last week working day was almost hell 'cept for Thurs i guess.
Friday, was fine but there's one KPO bitch just have to ask me not to listen MP3 during while walking around the office.
Moreover, she not my supervisor nor anyone loh..
Was rather pissed with that matter.

Well, Friday night had dinner with baobei.
Then he came over my house and he decided to stay overnight last min.
But he left home early in the morning.

I woke up at 10am to get prepare to go out.
The event was Farewell for Brandon.
He'll be leaving us at the end of this month.
Next shall be me in the group le bah..
Anyway, met up with Sheau Wei then we headed down to Aljunied and meet up with the rest.
JiaHuan last minute decided not to join in.
While our organizer, Mr John Sng was late.
Andrew was even later.
Haha.. *ahem* for the first time Sheau Wei and I was early~

Walked down to a Dim Sum shop at Geylang, intro by the organizer.
I am not sure about the name of the shop but i guess i still go there if you asked me to.
The food was nice.
And i tried some new food. =)
Cabbed down Kallang Leisure Park.
Bowling, Arcade, Kbox are what we did there.

2 Rounds of Bowling.
The 2nd round i got the lowest score. -.-"

Time was still early after our bowling session.
So we went arcade to play a few games.
No luck on getting the "giap" bearbear machine.
Played Daytona, Time crisis and Motocycle racing with SheauWei. Haha~
Then we had our early dinner at 5pm.
Kbox at 6pm.

Our classic "gossiping" pose. xP

Andrew that "Boom Boom Pow".
Haha, i really saw his another side that day.
Din know he could sing as well~

Sang till 11pm.
Then Brandon suggested to treat us Supper.
Douglas brought Brandon back home to get his car.
Then, we waited for them to pick us up and went to ECP - HongKong Cafe for supper.

Cabbed home with SheauWei.
Back home at ard 1am+.
It was raining heavily that night.
Had a 7hrs of sleep before meeting my baobei the next day.

Whole day slacking at his house.
Weather was quite nice for napping.
And he on the aircon made me fell aslp so quickly. Haha~

I felt that weekend past so quickly.
Maybe i had quite a fulfilling weekend thats why..

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