Friday, August 28, 2009

Brandon Bday + Meet Up~

My ankle aches the whole damn day. =(
Due to skipping with my sis yesterday.
Haven been sweating like this for years. LOL!

Well anyway, had a surprise birthday celebrate for Brandon.
Organized by Jia Huan. 超有心的!

Yup that's Brandon.
Who will be leaving on Monday~
But the group can still organize gathering to meet up de. ;D

Anyway after work, i met out with Hanisha.
Its been 1 year since i last saw her.
Was supposed to meet up on the 5B2 gathering ah..
But she had to work so i actually asked her that we should meet up 1day. And we did!
Dinner at Thai Express at Northpoint.
I love what i ordered for today - Fresh Shrimp Omelette.
Then we went to find place to sit and chit chat.
Its like so much to catch up eh and it was really nice to chat with her.

Haha.. she like finally admit something which she always deny la.
Anyway, while we were chatting at the bus stop.
Saw Eric Liu and i called him.
Chatted for like few mins and he left.
And i backed home at ard 11.30pm~ :)

Meeting baobei tomorrow~~ ^-^

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