Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy days~

Thankfully that the wrong tickets that i booked could be refund! =D

Had dinner with baobei at Northpoint before heading to watch Orphan.

What can i say about the show sial?
Baobei said the storyline is almost the same like Murderer.
Haha, lucky i didnt watch that show.
He watched it so he knows.
The show was rather dragggggggy.
2hrs sitting at the threatre, my back almost crack.
Until the end, still not that bad lah..

Baobei came to stay overnite.
Sometimes, he's just so unexpected lame..
And i could laugh like a mad woman sometimes. =X

We woke up at noon time.
Prepared and out to lunch at Sakae Sushi for lunch.
Both of us CRAVED for salmon sashimi.
Wanted to eat it yesterday but due to the long queue at sakae sushi, Northpoint, we went other place to eat.
So we ate it today. ^-^
Baobei accompany me around before i went to meet my sec sch friends. ;)

****************************5 Years Later*****************************
Finally met up with the 5B2 gang.
Even though not all turn up but i am still happy to see the others.

Short of MingFa and Md Nor, and friends bf & gf..

Met up at 5pm and parted at 8.30pm
I didnt took much photos. :(
Hope those who took photos will upload them in facebook. =D

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