Sunday, August 02, 2009

Everything is ♥!

Just back from my baobei's house not long ago.
Only sees him today for this week...
At least, i still sees him for this week. Hehe~
Chiong a HK Fire Fighter show with him.
Then we took a afternoon nap together because we slept late yesterday.

Yesterday, i woke up quite late at ard 2pm.
Thot of chiong-ing my show.
But sis dragged me out to shop with her.
And since i didnt need to meet my dear on that day, so i accompanied her.
Went Paya Lebar with her first for shopping.
Wanted to eat dinner at Arnold's Chicken but the queue was super long.
We waited for about 1hr but still couldnt get our seat.
So we cabbed down to AMK hub.
Ate Pepper Lunch.

We were talking..
Then suddenly, i guess i said that we haven been singing K for ages.
She was very steady and said we will go after our stuff.
She's the shopping queen for the day. HAHA!
Surprisingly, i didnt get anything~~~~

Always been served with a question - "What drinks would you like?"
But that day I've heard the most unexpected question from the guy working there! - "Do you wanna drink alcoholic drinks?"
Hahahaha.. Should have bluff him and said we are underage!! That would be super LOL! =X
Kbox from 11pm to 3am!
Super enjoyable!! =D

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