Monday, August 17, 2009

A "Great" Monday~

My day starts with a "great" transportation of SMRT Bus176.
Which reached 15mins late.
Reached office at 9am which i am not suppose to.

Then a "great" person from China has to flood my email with work.
Thats is sooooo nice of her yah?
Ended up with 30+ red flagged undone.

Then had to go for 2hrs 45mins of "great" meeting.
Wasted the precious 2hrs 45mins sitting in the room feeling sleepy..
And worst still, none of the slides is my business at all..

Anyway, the day is too "great" to mention..
Well, i can forcast my weekend will be very "GREAT" too~

The magic words -> 看开点.
2 Months more to go~~~

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