Saturday, August 29, 2009

Casual Day~

Met up with dear at CP to eat.
He wanted to go POSB to get his card changed.
Then off we went for lunch at Kopitiam.
Had fried fish soup.
Haven been eating it for quite sometime.
Tell you what, the soup is really nice!

Watched The Final Destination at 7.40pm AMK hub.
Before that, we had dinner at Aston.
About the show, the ending was quite sudden.
But the storyline is almost the same as before.
We tried on the 3D version.
Experience was quite ok but its quite weird, duno how to describe it.

After the show, we walked around in AMK hub for awhile.
He wanna find a G shock watch but we couldnt find it.
And i finally tried on the Snow Ice.
*Reminisce back in Taiwan*

After which, we went to Jalan Kayu for supper.
Prata + Satay = Full!
I told him, if i had to eat supper with him everyday i will become fat lo. :S

♥ ♥ ♥

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