Saturday, August 08, 2009


GAH! I am extremely bored to death right now.
Not enjoying my off days seriously. Boohoo~
Facebook games not enuff for me!!
Farmville, Sorority Life, Country Story and YoVille has limited time of gaming~ Zzz..
Currently watching 心星的泪光 but its not really very nice lea..
Quite boring~~
Guess i should just change to Hana Yori Dango?
The DVD that i bought months ago gonna rot already..

Anyway, i met up with dear in the noon time.
Went to beach road awhile to get his stuff.
Then eat the usual waffle which he's craving for.
After which, headed down to Bugis for a walk.
Had dinner together before we parted.

Backed home at around 7pm.
Slacked awhile.
Feeling bored so i went to clear my cupboard.
I am taking one of the cupboard to put my stuff so i've to shift things around.

Tomorrow whole day to myself again.
I am going to pack the room~~
Feeling my eyes closing..

K, going to wash up le.

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