Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The boring 1501th post

WoW, i just saw that i've 1500 posts and this is the 1501 one.
This account been started since 2005.
Filled with the most memories.
Actually i got the thought of deleting off the past post and left with the current memories last time but maybe just dont bear to. HAHA!
I'll just leave it as it is...

And i am still bored today. HAHA~
Guess almost everybody knows that i am bored already.
And today FB games, FB games and more FB games..!!!
Oh, i am also playing Silent Hill Origins on PSP to scare myself. =_=

Tomorrow i'll rest one more day before back to work.
Suppose to accompany Mdm Veron Lo for appointment check tomorrow.
But she dont need me anymore so its ok..... :S

Hmm, i feel that there's something wrong with my computer Adobe Flash Player.
Very irritating because whenever i am playing those FB games, sometimes it will prompt the error then the IE just close.
I guess i should just reformat the com again since the last time reformat process was bad.

K lah, i am going to bore myself....

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