Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cant stop smiling~

Cant wait for FRIDAY TO SEE MY BAOBEI!!! Hehe~

Though the morning bus still cock up as usual but the mood din really affect me that much for the whole day.
I can say work was kinda relaxed because no email to irritate me.

Heard complaint from Shari in the morning like as usual~~~~
Currently her favourite word is Hopeless to describe......
And Sheau Wei complaint due to the cock up system. Pity her~

Lunch out 15mins earlier.
Had our quick lunch and off to West Coast Plaza to watsons-ed.
I bought the Watsons card like finally~

Back to office and baobei was online. :D
And he did something and make me in high spirits.

Feels so good to have someone entertain me when i am bored at work. hehehehe~
And times really flies~

I really loves this feeling.
And i hope it dont fades away... =)

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