Friday, March 04, 2016

Back from Cruise Trip!

I just got back home from cruise trip with my family this morning.
I was super tired due to only 4hrs of sleep last night that I went to sleep after I reached home not long after.
I slept from 12pm to 6pm!
I am still feeling very tired and I bet that I am able to sleep later on.
Will be going to JPO with my colleagues tomorrow morning.

My first cruise trip with my family has been an enjoyable one.
The last trip together should be about 10 years ago to Tanjong Pinang.
I will do a full post later on.

During this short trip, I got addicted to Casino.
I am actually someone who doesn't like gambling.
However, the Big or Small machine is really addictive.
The minimum bet cost US$5 which is expensive to me.
Luckily, I am able to break even when I lose and later got some winnings.
Its either I am good at guessing what the machine will generate the next result or I am just pure lucky.
Maybe next time, I'll go try my luck at Genting Casino. :p

Other than playing casino, I also played sports like basketball, swimming and table tennis.
That's how my whole body aches badly and also got tanned and sun burnt on my face and shoulder area. :(
Age really catching up. Sigh~

Alright, back to reality.
Sunday back to school and Monday back to work.
Gonna start thinking of dissertation topic and my proposal dues on 18 March! Argh!

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