Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cruise with Royal Carribean 2016 - Day 1

I decided to post my cruise travelogue first because this is easier to write. LOL!
I know I am delaying my Hokkaido travelogue but I am someone who likes to complete an easier task first then focus on the difficult task later. Not trying to find excuses. :p

Cruise trip was suggested by my sister because we have not had family trips for quite a long time.
Even though, I might go for trip with my mum and sis or with my mum, that doesn't consider a family trip.
Anyway, the last family trip was a 2D1N to Tanjong Pinang in 2007 which is about 8 years ago so this trip is really a meaningful one.
There were 9 members (including me) from my family and my dad's friend who joined us.
It make me reminisce a long long time ago, when I was younger, maybe 12 or 13 years old, my dad brought my family, when grandpa is still around, to Genting.
Memory rather blurred but I guess we still have the photos.

Ok, enough of my long grandmother story.
My cruise trip falls on the leap day of 2016 and the trip was from 29 Feb to 4 March 2016.
That day, I took half day off and worked from home in the morning, then set off at about 1pm.
The check in place is at Marina Bay Cruise Centre.
It is advisable not to check in your baggage because you might not know when you will get your baggage.
In my opinion, since we reached early, we didn't check in our bags and after we got up the ship, we can straight away proceed to our room to put our things.

Such a huge ship!

My SeaPass card.

Our cozy room for 4 nights!

View from our balcony.

Headed over to dad's and mum's room as they are side by side.
While my room and sis room was far far away from each other other.
Mum's and dad's room locate at the front of the ship hence their balcony has a bigger space.

At around 3pm+, we went to Windjammer Cafe for lunch.
Windjammer cafe is the place where buffet are located at.

Our first meal in the ship.

At 4.30pm, we went to the assembly drill to familiarize with the safety onboard.
Separated with the family because our assembly station was different from them.

After the drill, we went in and saw the casino.
Took some photos, game not started because ship has not depart.

At about 5pm, the ship starts sailing and depart from Singapore and we went outdoor to view.
I cant really felt the ship moving when I am standing but when sitting, actually I can feel a little movement.

Then we rushed to watch the DreamWorks Move It, Move It Parade.
It's funny to see the mascots taking the elevators. So cute!

Group shot with the penguins.

Then we went to Michael Kors and Coach boutique to see bags.
Roamed around the place and then took a shot of the amazing sunset.

First round of Casino game before dinner.
Only sat down not even 1minute and won USD$41 from this slot machine.
How lucky is me and my mum. :D
Straight away cashout. Lol~

Then we had dinner at this main dining room at level 5.
Only took this first day menu.
Their 'classics' are fix whereas the others changes daily.
(Click on menu pic for larger view)

This was my appetizer.

I think bro order this and I tried.

This was my main course and when everyone knows there's salmon fillet, everyday there's one person ordering this.

This was dad's.

I think G and bro ordered this.

Cant remember who ordered this. Haha..

This is the first and last full attendance photo I had. Lol.
Dad's friend only joined us for daily dinner.

Went for 2nd round of casino for the day.
No luck. I won my $20 but lose it all on that day itself. LOL~

Sis in law was having this cheap thrill, playing this machine but he gave up.
Then mum joined in.
She used $10 of quarter cents to win the US$20 note. Lucky she.

Really got addicted to this Big Or Small machine.
Not only me but my Bro and mum too.
See how serious our looks were.
My bro really out of mind.
He can bet $100 on 1 game!
I don't know where he got all that courage from. -_-"
So he's the biggest loser for this trip.
But actually he won big for the first 2 days but lose a lot more on the 3rd day.

Since, I lose my $20 away, I stopped and went back to rest for the day.
Day 2 to be continue later...

p/s : I'll try to finish up this cruise travelogue before I start my coming assignment. D;

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