Sunday, March 27, 2016

Cruise with Royal Carribean 2016 - Day 4 & 5

Last full day, on the fouth day (3 March 2015), is when the ship cruised back to Singapore.
In the morning, I met up with the family for breakfast at Windjammer Cafe.
Oh, I love the wide selection and we should have went for it from the start!
My mum and grandma had it since the first morning.
Their biscuit is so good and its better than the one in Popeye.

Saw a table of origami using towels.
Cute aren't they?

After food, we went to rest awhile before going for a swim.
The pool is not very big and it is salty water, not chlorine water.
We also get to soaked in the Jacuzzi.

After the swim, all of us got tanned because we swam during the hottest hours of the day, no one applied sunblock (even though I brought it) and also the pool is salty.
I can see my tan line even till today. :(
And at one point of time, my skin even peeled, which is the second time in my life my skin peeled after tanning.
I think I must be having karma cos I kept laughing at my bro's peeling skin. =X

Since the cruise was cruising the whole day, the casino opened the whole day.
So, we went to try luck again.
On this day, I try to win back the losses and so I did, just win back small.
I guess I was really really lucky.

Back to room to rest for awhile and saw rabbit! :D

My red face. D;

Not sure what show is it, we just went inside and I saw Fiona and Puss In Boots and just took a snap of them. Haha~

We actually went to Dragon Lair because the programme was Karaoke Party Time.
It's not a place where you sings in a room but at a open stage.
However, due to songs limitation (Doesn't have the song dad wants to sing), we left the place.

We went for a later dinner.

This is durian pudding that some of them were waiting for since Day 1.

The last family photo (excluding Sis-in law, and dad's friend) with our friendly waiters. :D
The other waiters had performed Gangnam style dance for us. Entertaining.

The last night, we didn't sleep early.
Dad wanted to explore the area so we went to "Dancing Under the Star Deck Party" at the Pool Deck.
People were dancing with the staffs and we also get to watch bartender juggling liquor bottles.
My sis and I also danced a little to the songs that we were familiar like Gangnam Style and Macarena. Haha.. it was fun.

After that, we went back to Dragon Lair for another activities - Farewell All Request Night with DJ Armani.
Below is a picture of a empty dance floor.
Slowly, people came in to dance and drink.
We didn't dance but watching people danced, while we drank Heineken.

The last day, which is Day 5 (4 March 2016), slept for about 4hr before waking up for breakfast.
Did the last minute packing, and we were out of the cruise at around 10.30am.

Overall, I had a good experience with the family and with Royal Caribbean.
However, I am not sure when will be my next cruise trip.
It is good for a bigger family to enjoy together but I guess I wouldn't go if its only the two of us.
I would rather explore different countries or cities.

Lastly, I hope you enjoyed reading my posts.
You may go to my 'Travelogue' tabs to read on all the other travel posts.
See you~

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