Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hectic Week!

Today is the last day of this week and I still couldn't have a good rest.
On my way to school right now and it's a full day class from (9am-6pm), having 2 modules.
It's like I am working full day. -.-
Hopefully this is my first and last full day class.
I wonder how I'm gonna survive today but I guess I will enjoy my afternoon class because it's Frankie's class!

Mix emotion, feeling so angry, tired and sleepy.
Even yesterday I can't sleep until as and when I want to wake up because I got to get up early to go dentist then meet my friends. :(

Work this week was super tiring as well as 2 of my team mates were on leave.
As I have extra workload now, I can't even slow down a little.
2 weeks to quarter end and hopefully April will be good.
Looking forward to long weekend next week so I can rest a little.

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