Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tryout Jenny Cookies 1st Attempt (Failed)

My friend and I wanted to bake something for this month meet up.
So I suggested to bake Jenny Cookies which is very popular in HK.
I saw many copycat recipe online.
Steph has also made it for me to try and I really love it.
Therefore, we decided to bake it.

The recipe that we used is from Miss Tam Chiak:

The ingredients that we used below.
Please note: DO NOT USE Pure Ghee butter.
We supposed to buy Golden Churn butter, but I looked everywhere for it and its out of stock.
Hence, we decided to buy Pure Ghee as a substitute.
However, Steph said the oil content is higher.
The mold is quite watery which explains why my cookies failed. :(

*icing sugar not in the photo.

After baking, the shaped cookies melted and flatten.
The taste is okay but I still can taste the flour.

We tried making second using coarse sugar because Eng Sang said it might due to the icing sugar.
It turned out that using coarse sugar, made it worst.
Everything cannot even be eaten, so we threw everything away.

Anyway, coming weekend I'll try it at home with the help of G.
Hopefully, it will turn out well.
I am going to buy another type of butter if I still cannot find Golden Churn butter.
Will be back to tell you if I succeed or not. :D

Left Engsang's house and saw a beautiful sky and took a snapshot of it. :)
Signing off~

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