Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tryout Jenny Cookies 2nd Attempt

Last week, I tried baking the Jenny cookies but failed.
So yesterday, I attempted the 2nd time to bake it.
I am taking my mum oven into good use because she bought it 2 years ago and its been lying there since.
I got G to bring the mixer to my house so I can do the mixing without using any strength.
This time, I used the President unsalted butter.

The cookies looks better but still not very successful.
I don't know why.
I guess, I'll need to learn it from Steph.

I brought some to Veron's to try since she's staying nearer to me.
She said its nice but I think its okay only.
When I tried the one that Steph bake, it was really addictive.
Still thinking its the problem with the butter!
I really need to find Golden Churn butter to try again.
Hope my 3rd attempt will be successful. :)
Till then.

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