Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016


I had Pre-Valentine's Day celebration with G yesterday.
I wasn't expecting anything from him because I told him not to buy any gift and we'll just have movie and dinner.
However, this guy appeared in front of me with a bouquet of roses after our movie.
Not only that, I also got a Pandora necklace charm from him. :)
So in return, I just treat ourselves dinner.

Watched Long Long Time Ago (我们的故事).
I'm like watching hokkien movie throughout.
Nonetheless, it is a nice movie.
Close to the heart.
It's like telling me the story of my grandparent and parent's life back in the 60s.
Can't for Part 2 of the movie.

This is the 3rd bouquet he has given me till date..

On the side note, I guess I need to stop eating prawns.
Nowadays, I appeared to have rashes after eating it. Sigh~
Not sure is it my immune system getting weaker as I aged...

Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day today.


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