Saturday, February 20, 2016

Wedding: Auspicious Wedding Date

I was really busy with work and assignment but since its term break, I have some free time to do some preparation for our wedding.

Our first step is to engaged a geomancer to calculate auspicious wedding date for us.
Through G's friend, he found a geomancer.
Actually, this geomancer is quite popular as my friends also gave me the same contact when I asked if they have any lobang or not.
We contacted Master Long and if you google about him, you will find some bloggers who also has contacted this person for wedding date consultation.

Few weeks ago, G whatsapp Master Long and provided him our “Ba Zi” information so that he will be able to calculate the auspicious wedding date for us.
2 weeks before today, I found out that I have given a wrong timing and G provided him the correct one.
However, he read but didn't his message.
Today, when we met him, I had a small conflict with him.
He was rude and impolite to me, and has a very poor customer service.
I rarely give a stranger a bad attitude but this one really gets on my nerve.
G kept on helping him to speak good words, I was like wth.....
Well, due to his seniority, I also don't want to kick up a fuss.
We spent about 30mins listening all the chimology details. -_-"

Anyway, we gotten a list of auspicious years until end of 2018.
Next, we'll need to choose the dates and start planning.

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