Monday, February 15, 2016

End of Term 4

Today is happy submission day for Term 4!
I submitted all of my assignment today.
I'm feeling so relieved now.
Hence, it’s officially the end of Term 4! Like finally~
It's really a short term this time and I've 2 more terms to go.
I survived this term again.

This term, there are too much culture models and ethical terms to understand.
I don't even know how correctly I applied them into my assignments.
Now, I feel that the merger and acquisition modules are easier than these.
I also didn't seek any help from my external friends this time.
Well, I just hope and pray I can get through again.
I really have no confident especially the C&O module. :(

Gonna have a few weeks of rest before Term 5 starts.
Looking forward to family trip soon! :D

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