Saturday, February 13, 2016

猴猴年 2016

Happy Chinese New Year!
Today is the sixth day of CNY.
I'm a little late here but still its CNY.
I was busy busy busy with you know what lah.. I don want to keep saying it in my blog. LOL!
Took out a little time here to update a little.

This year is no different from the past year.
Last year, my family didn't celebrate so we're back to celebrating.
Our reunion dinner is the same every year, maybe just different ingredients.

On the first day..
The usual house visiting at G's house first then night time to my relative's.


My family always got rubber band timing when doing house visiting..
Wasted too much of my time waiting for them to finish playing Mahjong..
Reached grandma house at 9pm. -_-

I received 2 SG50 $10 note. Haha~

Day 2 of CNY.
Nothing much..
Just went visiting at G's place and see lion dance at his house.
Then back home chiong assignment. -__-

Many people has been asking me to learn Mahjong this year.
I think I should really master it so that I can play with them. LOL.
I always refrain from gambling but I guess playing Mahjong is good exercise for the brain.
I shall master it. :)

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