Sunday, September 04, 2016

A Week Filled With Events

This week is filled with events!
Out of 7 days, 6 days I was meeting up with people especially birthday meal for my friends and family.
I can foresee that my credit card bill will give me heartache soon. Haha~
Most importantly is that they enjoyed the meal. :)

29 August
Met up with Winnie for her early birthday.
It was quite an impromptu one because i suddenly remembered her birthday last week.
Luckily our schedule could fit for each other, and so we had dinner with her at Ambush; PS.

30 August
On this day, I had dinner with my family at Bao Today; Rendezvous Hotel.
This is to celebrate dad's belated birthday and mum's early birthday.
I think its the first time, my dad and mum are okay to travel out so far from my house to eat dinner together.
There is so much change with my family this year.
A good change. :)

1 September
First day of september is the 3 of 3 meetup with Lixian and Huisan.
The meet up is for Lixian's belated birthday at Shi Li Fang; Orchard Central.
We are friends for so long but its our first time eating steamboat together.

2 September
Met up with Hanisha for her belated birthday dinner at The French Table; Northpoint.
We had walked past the restaurant a few time previously but this is the first time we tried the food.
The pasta and rainbow cake are good.
I shall try their pot of Tiramisu in future.

3 September
Despite waking up early in the morning to go to my last dissertation class, I was having full of energy for Jay's chou concert.
In fact, I was in high spirit throughout the night!

4 September 

In the afternoon, I attended Alice's baby shower with my classmates which lasted for about 2 hours.
Her baby is really small..
Didn't had the chance to take any photos so I just pen it down to remember the day.

On my way back home, I went to buy a birthday cake for my mum.
I think this became a norm already.
So Happy Birthday to my mum. 又老一岁了!:p

After this week, I am left with 26 days more to chiong my deadline.
Luckily, there is not much meetup this month so I can focus more on dissertation.
So jiayou lah.. ^^

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