Sunday, September 18, 2016

2 more weeks to D-Day!

I was just re-reading my previous posts on my "Life as a Student".
Sometimes, I love to re-read what i wrote and I would see some typo errors then I will edit it.
I was just reminiscing those days.

Anyway, It's two more weeks to go for my final submission for my dissertation.
The deadline is actually on 2 October but I am targeting to submit on 30 September after work so I don't need to go back on weekend.

I have been sacrificing my Sundays and late nights to write this dissertation.
So far, I think I am writing okay.
As usual, I still don't feel confident on what I am writing for some sections.
Anyway, I have about 2k more words then I will send to my supervisor for checking.

My plan is to send to him for checking by coming Wednesday or Thursday.
After, he send back to me, which he says will take about 1 week (but I hope he can send me in less than 1 week), I will do the final touch up, then send for printing.
After which, I will look forward to the submission date that I set!
Really can't wait for that day!

Looking forward.

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