Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Bad August

Its the last day of August and we are going towards the month of September.
I am quite excited for the forthcoming months, however it's going to be stressful.
I shall leave it for you to guess what it is but I will slowly let you know what it is. :)

Why was it a bad August for me?
It was because I had been falling sick for the first 3 weeks of August.
I even visited the doctor four time in the month.
To me, it is very exaggerating already because I have never fall sick this long before.
Imagine if I couldn't claim those medical expenses, I would be spending about $400 already.
Fortunately, I am feeling better now, just occasional itchy throat that causes me to cough badly.

Took leave off work today to focus on my dissertation but I haven done much.
Seriously, feeling very slack nowadays.
I need to buck up!
Just 4 more weeks to go and I will be done with school!!
Enough said, I really gonna go focus now.

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