Monday, August 08, 2016

Final Lap!

Submitted my second last assignment, SSCM, today!
Hopefully I can pass this one too.
Kinda worried because I know I didn't write very well.
Fallen very sick last week but luckily didn't really affect much on my writing.

So after submission, I had dinner with my classmates.
Missing out Alice, Desmond and Paul.
The 2 guys are busy and Alice just gave birth so she couldn't join.
Hopefully to get a full strength dinner the next submission? Lol~

Now, I can relax just a tiny weeny bit before I continue writing my dissertation.
With the launch of Pokemon Go in SG, the fever just started last Saturday
I hope I won't be too obsess with that game. Haha..
But its quite addictive and even my mum is playing. LOL!
Not to worry, I won't be like those Full Time Pokemon Trainer who camp at places for hours and hours. Haha..

Alright, counting down to 7 weeks to final submission for dissertation.

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