Monday, July 25, 2016

Counting Words

I supposed this will be the last few times whereby I rant about my assignment. Hahaha..
I seriously wonder how did I pass through the terms, and the assignments?!
How did I pass through without failing?!
I mean it too smooth already...
Well of course, I don't want to fail too because failing will cost money and time to rewrite the assignment or even retake the course.
Glad, that I passed through..

On the 15 July before I went for my blood donation, I went to take my MMS result and luckily I passed because I heard rumors of failures.
I was quite worried then because I didn't really write properly. :X
So now, it just left the last 2 assignments.
Currently, I am still not very worried for my 10k dissertation but is worrying for this 3.2k SSCM assignment.
Every assignment, I am always counting my words. Really a bad habit of mine.
I guess its just that I don't really understand this topic.
I thought I would like supply chain class and I was looking forward to it but I guess it might be just the way the lecturer teach.
Moreover, I am not familiar with the organisation that I am writing for this assignment. :(
I guess I got to count on my lady luck this time, just like the previous terms.

Honestly, I have more than enough time to write this assignment because its just one assignment to submit for this term.
Sigh.. I am halfway through already and I left two more weeks.
Just can't wait for this to be over!!

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