Friday, July 15, 2016

Give Blood Save Lives

Today (15 July), I went for my first blood donation.
It wasn't impromptu as I've been thinking about it for a few weeks.
In fact, I wanted to be a blood donor when I was young but I wasn't brave enough and also due to my low hemoglobin history.
My mum always discourage me to donate as well.
However, I am adult now and I want to make decision for myself.
Glad that I did it! :)

I walked into the Blood Bank at Dhoby Ghaut by myself.
Looked around, unsure of the next step, then I saw the walk-in form. so I took a form and walked to a space to fill up the questionnaire.
Without thinking much into it, I submitted the form at the registration counter.
Got a queue number then waited for my turns to do check up.
There are 2 checks to go through which is fast.
First, I went into a room which seems to be a consultation room.
The doctor looked through my form and checked my temperature.
Next, it is a blood test room and I passed the test.
I waited for almost an hour before I get to donate blood.

In the blood donation room, I was shivering because I was sitting somewhere where the air-con was damn strong.
Actually, I was quite worried that I couldn't make it.
I am afraid that I will faint or felt giddiness.
When the needle was inserted into me, it was quite painful but luckily the pain didn't last long.
The drawing of blood process for me took maybe 5-7mins as my blood flow is smooth.
The people there are very kind and helpful as they keep ensuring that I am okay.
I chatted with one of the auntie and got to know that 1 pack of blood expires in 1 month but not to worry, it will be used up within a month because there's always insufficient blood in the blood bank.

My next appointment is in October, I guess I'll try to pull G to go donate with me. Muahaha..
So give blood and save lives.
Oh, also donating blood can give you health benefits too, just go google about it.
And for me.. its mission accomplished and achievement unlock. :)

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