Friday, July 01, 2016

Hectic Week!

As I am writing this, it's start of JULY already...
Totally not looking forward, because it means that I have not much time left!
I haven start my SSCM individual assignment, and my dissertation is not even half done!
I am feeling so stressful..
I just finish a process flow for my group presentation.
Presentation is so sickening and its killing me and teammates. :(

It was fiscal year end at work, so from Mon-Thurs (except Wed, which I had class), I OT till quite late which explains my hectic week.
When I got back home from work, I was exhausted already and just don't feels like doing anything.
Hence, I wasted lots of my time away. :(

The clock is ticking and its ticking fast for me.
For the next few months, I really need to slog.
Gonna hang in there till October.
I really can't wait for that day to come, when I submit my final dissertation!
Urgh.. seems like still quite early to say that.

It seems like I haven rant for quite long.
So, just let me rant...

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