Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy 8th Year!

A year ago.. I was still talking about 7th year of itch but today its the 8th year already.
And because it is a Monday, we sort of celebrate it earlier on Saturday.
Actually, we just had the usual movie and dinner.

I have not been planning surprises..
I became the lazy one of the other half..
And I have no excuse. I am just lazy. Hahaha..

For the past few years, I told him that we'll just be having dinner so we do not need to get present for each other anymore.
It is because I always have no idea what to buy and I am lazy to think.
He is one mafan-and-want-atas-stuff guy..
In order to prevent buying something he doesn't like and waste my money, we'll just spend the money on eating.
Even for celebrating birthdays with my friends, I'll just have a nice dinner and catch up with them.
I request no present because I don't need anything.

However, this year, he bought us a Casio couple watches, said to be 2015 limited Lover's Collection.
When I got it, I was nagging at him, as usual.
I am not really a watch person, and I have about 5 different watches now.
I am not even a Octopus, so why do I need so many watch?
Almost every year, he is giving me watch. -_-"
Anyway, it's also our first couple stuff. (Well, we got different taste.)

Nonetheless. I still thank him for the thought.
And I just treat him a nice dinner at One Raffles Place.
We also took so lovely photos. LOL!
His Samsung phone can take nice welfie photos. I am quite jealous. Haha..

Happy 8th Year.
We are an old couple already..
Can't believe we are and will be growing old together.. since 2008... D;

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