Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Start of Term 6!

It was just 1.5 years ago when I was contemplating whether or not should I take up a degree course but now I'm already left with less than 4 months more and I'll be ending my course! Last lap now!
How time flies..

Today is the start of term 6.
Its just only 1 module to attend which means only 9 classes.
Doesn't sound hectic but the project coming up seems hectic.
Sigh~ its the very last term already but the school still want to torture us.

I haven even really touch on my dissertation yet.
I am going to finish up my current drama that I am watching, Descendants of the Sun.
Once I am done with it, I am gonna stop drama-ing for awhile and focus on the project and dissertation.
Well, its just less than 4 months more and I will get through it like how I did for the past terms!!!

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