Monday, June 13, 2016

Mid Year Trip 2016

Hello, I just got back from my 2016 Mid Year Trip with my family to Macau and Hong Kong last week.
It's the second family trip this year but without Bro this time.
A family trip is very quite rare in my family because Dad and Bro usually don't travel long distance trip with us. (The guys.. 😏)
However, since Dad had 2 weeks of rest and his friends wanted to go HK, so he asked if we want to join.
Actually, going to Hong Kong is not my sis and my interest, we would rather go Taiwan.
However, it's mum and dad first trip to Hong Kong so we brought them around.
During the trip, dad told us “你们小时候,我们带你们出去走,现在我们老了,你们带我们出去走。” :)

Anyway, the trip was okay. Though we have small conflicts at time, but still okay.
Also, due to time constraint, we did not have much time so they missed out some attractions like Avenue of Stars, The Peak and etc.
Overheard dad saying that we will not go back to Hong Kong.
He feels that the food and stuff are expensive. I do feel the same.
Moreover, comparing to 8 years ago, there are more people in Hong Kong now.
I feel that everywhere is very crowded!

I was also able to take 2hrs off from my family and "travel solo" from my hotel to my office to meet my HK colleagues. Haha..
It was nice to meet some of them in person but I didn't get to meet the sales people. Well, that's fine.

Overall, we bought many food stuff back.
Didn't get to shop around much as well.
We tried the Almond Pastry from Koi Kei Bakery and it is yummy!
And there's a Koi Kei Bakery branch in Chinatown so I guess whenever I feel like eating, I can go there and buy. Haha..
Oh, the famous Jenny Cookie actually doesn't taste as nice as what Steph had baked.
I am gonna learn from her soon!

And well.. these sort of summerizes my HK Trip and I can't wait for my next trip in 4 months time!

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