Friday, May 27, 2016

Hokkaido; Japan 2015 - Day 1-2 - Okhotsk Tower & Okhotsk Tokkari Center

A year ago, I went to my very first Japan; Hokkaido Trip with my mum!
We went with the tour and its my first tour trip.
Booked through Asia-Euro Holidays website.
During that time, I saw the news that Asia-Euro Holidays had closed down.
Suprisingly, my trip wasn't affected and the tour who brought us around is called Apple Vacations.
It was a good experience.

Our trip was from 22 May to 28 May 2015.
I am missing Japan. :(

We took the night flight from Singapore to Haneda.
As usual, I cannot sleep during the whole flight so I just eat, watch video, listen to music, try to sleep, etc...

Touched down at Tokyo; Haneda Airport on Day 2, and need we need to transit to Okhotsk Monbetsu.
So while waiting, we went to buy Wifi card and drinks.

Talking about the Wifi, I got the portable one.
I remembered I got it from Softbank at about $90 plus for 5days which is not worthy.
Moreover, some of the places we went were not covered. :(
I think its better to get the data card as it might be cheaper, and my mum can tether to my phone.

Lipton milk tea!! However, not as nice as the one in Taiwan.

The below is the shutter bus area to bring us to the terminal domestic.

Took about 2hr to reach Okhotsk Monbetsu airport and the sky is so pretty!

Then the tour brought us for our first meal.
Actually, this was not included in the itinerary but the guide told us that the place has no where for food.
Therefore, he negotiated with his boss and then he agreed to give us this lunch for free. :D
First meal - Scallop feast and the raw scallops are very fresh!

The restaurant has a pond full of big crabs.

Took this cigarette vending machines to show my smokers bro and sis. LOL!

My totally bare face since the night before. Sigh~
Hence, for the first day, I have photos with no makeup on.


First stop is to go to Okhotsk Tower.
Okhotsk Tower is a natural observation room whereby there are many types of marine organism and sea creatures.
It is also situated in the sea whereby we can get a beautiful view.

Guess this is the most beautiful thing I see in Okhotsk Tower.
Its Clione, the sea angel.

Next, we took this tram to Okhotsk Tokkari Center.
Okhotsk Tokkari Center is a Seal Protection center, with more than 30 seals.
We were able to get close and touch it.
It was a really fun experience.

The guide telling us what to do, and what's not.

My friends say that my jacket is the same as the seal skin color. wtf. -.-
Anyway, these seals are such a cutie.
They are able to listen to instruction in Japanese and do what was told.
Sorta like performing to us.

We asked the guide why this seal is white in color.
It is just like the other seal, it's just that it is peeling its skin.

I'll be back for the next post on Day 2.
We went for a beautiful pinkish place, where every girls will love it.

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