Wednesday, May 04, 2016

End of Term 5!

I have my last class for Term 5 today.
Not exactly officially ending Term 5 because I still have not hand up my 2 assignments - one 80% done, and 0% done for the other.
However, its almost ending.
Its really fast which I just left 1 more term to go!

This term is still okay as we have one of the good lecturer who taught us SML.
He's the one who taught us in Term 1 - POD.
Even though, his jokes might not be as funny as before but still brighten up the class.
Not only that, we also learn something.

As for MMS, we had 3 presentation, and we had our last presentation yesterday.
I heard from other classmates that next term, we will have presentation again!
All of us dislike doing it, but i guess its just part and parcel.
I am not good at it, but still at least try doing it.
I am really lucky to have a very very good team mates, who meet up together during weekend or even PH, to do discuss on ppt slides and rehearsal.
Unlike some other team, who push here and there and even got into argument.

Anyway, I can have a good rest after my submission.
Haven been resting well and feeling really lethargic everyday at work.
I was busy until I forgot about my time, and my life.

Okay ending the post with 2 photos with one of the favorite lecturer. :)

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