Saturday, May 21, 2016

Term Break!

Hello! I am back after 15days.
I was busy rushing my assignment the past few days.
Finally submitted the damn thing on Tuesday.
Seriously, I am not sure if I will be one of the lucky ones to pass MMS because I know I was writing crap.
But please just give me at least 40 marks to pass!

Class schedule for Term 6 is out today!
Woohoo, it the final stage already!
Cant believe I made this far. :)
This last term, I gonna have one assignment and one 10k dissertation to complete.
Luckily, we are able to extend the 10k dissertation submission until 1 October.
So my official end of course will be that day.
I'm sure it will be very fast.

Until my coming term starts, I'm so gonna have a good rest.
Other than working, I've been gaming, watching drama, listening to songs, and coloring a little.
Basically, just doing anything relaxing.
I was stressing myself too much the past months.
I don't even want to come back here to pen anything because I've been squeezing my brain juice to write my reports.
And you know, even writing a blog post requires you to think of what the content is. Haha~

Counting down to my HK trip with my family.
Actually not very looking forward to it but I really miss the dim sum there!
Hmm.. I was more looking forward to not working. :p

Alright, it's late.
I'll be back soon, hopefully.

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