Friday, March 11, 2016

Everybody's Changing

Nowadays, I feel that everybody around me, are changing and I don't feel the same anymore.
It seems like its hard to interact with people.
Did I offend someone without knowing and hence people are treating me this way?
Maybe for one, I know I did.
However, for the others, I guess we're just getting distant.

When one's status changes, they feel highly of themselves and so they look down on people?
Sometimes it just so hard to interact with them and then get things done.
You are not the only one who feel the stress...
I am also a human and I don't feel that you got the right to treat me that way. :(

When one's status changes, why do the person move away from their usual circle?
Previously, we were able to talk nicely to each other but now it seems that we are so unfamiliar to each other.
If being formal is the way to go, then fine...

"If a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime", I can surely say that this is a myth.
Sigh.. I guess the road that we take together still doesn't go very far.
I can take and deal with your insults but you can't take my shit then so be it.

Lastly, people with 爱理不理 attitude, don't come and play with my feeling!
I am not your toy.

As I grow older, family really matters to me because they are the ones who will not change and will not leave me.

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