Thursday, March 24, 2016


Just back home from my class and finally my long weekend start!
Due to lack of rest last week, this week was a tiring one for me.
My mum and one of the sales guy in my office said my eyes looks swollen.
Jamie said I look tired and my eyes were red.
My classmates said I have a sleepy face today. D;
On Tues and Wed, my right eye got redness and I thought I had eye infection or what, but the redness subsides today as I slept earlier yesterday.

Sigh, I felt ineffective, inefficient at work and also unattractive already. :'( 
Ineffective and inefficient because work keep piling and I am unable to finish my own stuff but still got to do the additional stuff.
And well, sadly no one assured me that I am not.. 
Unattractive because I am sooo tired I don't even want to apply the slightest make up to work, e.g: draw my eyebrows.
I also feel that I am getting old, fat and 憔悴了. :"(

Hopefully, this long weekend can let me have a good rest.
However, come to think of it, I still got assignment not started yet and also need to help with family errands. WHY?!?!?!?! :(

So doesn't mean that I don't smile means I am unfriendly.
I am just tired, I don't want to entertain.
I'm just tired all the time.. =/

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